Obama Judge Blocks MO From Asking For Photo ID Just Before the Election


A Missouri judge on Tuesday ruled that state election officials can no longer spread materials that indicate voters must provide a photo ID in order to cast a ballot, Reuters reported.

Missouri can still ask for ID.

Reuters reported that Judge Richard Callahan, who sits on the Cole County Circuit Court, ruled that the materials must also specify other forms of identifications that voters can show. He additionally wrote that state authorities can’t require people who are otherwise qualified to vote to sign a sworn statement.

Callahan said the affidavit was confusing and therefore, they cannot ask for photo ID.

Any excuse will do.

Callahan is known as a Democrat loyalist activist.  Obama appointed him.

The ruling effectively blocked a portion of Missouri’s voter identification law one month before November’s midterm elections.

Hillary’s far-left Super PAC, Priorities USA  filed the lawsuit in June. They hailed the ruling as a win for voting rights, Reuters reported.

It’s actually a win for voter corruption.

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