Obama Judge Blocks MO From Asking For Photo ID Just Before the Election


A Missouri judge on Tuesday ruled that state election officials can no longer spread materials that indicate voters must provide a photo ID in order to cast a ballot, Reuters reported.

Missouri can still ask for ID.

Reuters reported that Judge Richard Callahan, who sits on the Cole County Circuit Court, ruled that the materials must also specify other forms of identifications that voters can show. He additionally wrote that state authorities can’t require people who are otherwise qualified to vote to sign a sworn statement.

Callahan said the affidavit was confusing and therefore, they cannot ask for photo ID.

Any excuse will do.

Callahan is known as a Democrat loyalist activist.  Obama appointed him.

The ruling effectively blocked a portion of Missouri’s voter identification law one month before November’s midterm elections.

Hillary’s far-left Super PAC, Priorities USA  filed the lawsuit in June. They hailed the ruling as a win for voting rights, Reuters reported.

It’s actually a win for voter corruption.



  1. Don’t understand where a local COUNTY Judge has any power to set precedent over STATE voter Identification policy of voting in a FEDERAL Election. States need to enact laws requiring voters to present Identification prior to being allowed to cast a ballot. Democrat Liberal Loons have weaponized Voter Fraud. Madness

  2. Missouri’s new photo voter ID law (HB 1631), effective on June 1, 2017, outlines identification options for registered Missouri voters to use on Election Day at their polling location.

    Most Missourians have a Missouri Driver’s License or Nondriver License, which is an acceptable photo ID for voting. There are also plenty of other options, too.

    • Option 1: Provide a Missouri issued Driver or Non-Driver license, U.S. Passport, or Military ID

    • Option 2: Provide a secondary form of identification, such as a paycheck or bank statement and sign a statement confirming their identity

    • Option 3: If the voter has no form of identification, but is a registered voter, they may cast a provisional ballot

    Missouri’s photo voter ID law also requires the state of Missouri to assist voters who might not have a photo ID with the process of obtaining one free Missouri non-driver license for the purpose of voting.


  3. The Obama legacy of criminality is mind boggling as to its’ pervasiveness. Can Trump just sign an EO to eliminate everything Obama, the criminal, did including judges and other jobs and appointees? I mean crapolla, he really did transform our country into something non-recognizable. It is not possible to pick up a turd from the clean end with Obama running, ruining the place. Now we should take Soros’ citizenship away.

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