Obama Judge only likes health insurance handouts for non-citizens


Americans were ordered to buy health insurance under Obamacare but an Obama judge has now found that immigrants don’t have to buy it. How ironic.

The Washington Examiner reports that an Obama judge blocked a Trump administration measure that would have required some legal immigrants to prove they could pay by for coverage or had insurance through an employer.

Legal immigrants would likewise have to prove they could pay for medical coverage.

”Immigrants otherwise would have to show that they received private coverage through a job, directly from an insurer, through a short-term plan that is cheaper but offers less generous benefits, or through a family member,” the Examiner reported.

“To meet the requirement, they would not be able to obtain tax subsidies through Obamacare that help them pay for premiums.”

The rule does not apply to refugees or asylum-seekers.


“Healthcare providers and taxpayers bear substantial costs in paying for medical expenses incurred by people who lack health insurance or the ability to pay for their healthcare,” the White House said in a proclamation announcing the new rule in October.

”Hospitals and other providers often administer care to the uninsured without any hope of receiving reimbursement from them. The costs associated with this care are passed on to the American people in the form of higher taxes, higher premiums, and higher fees for medical services.”

“In total, uncompensated care costs — the overall measure of unreimbursed services that hospitals give their patients — have exceeded $35 billion in each of the last 10 years. These costs amount to approximately $7 million on average for each hospital in the United States and can drive hospitals into insolvency. Beyond uncompensated care costs, the uninsured strain Federal and State government budgets through their reliance on publicly funded programs, which ultimately are financed by taxpayers.”

The White House stated that legal immigrants are three times more likely than American citizens to be uninsured.


On Tuesday, an Obama appointee blocked the rule from taking effect.

United States District Court Judge Michael Simon temporarily blocked the State Department from implementing the rule, arguing it violated federal immigration laws.

The White House plans to challenge the decision.

That is another bogus ruling by an activist judge. The measure is well within the President’s authority. He has broad authority to implement this rule.

Simon’s president Obama felt comfortable forcing citizens to buy insurance under the individual mandate. While it was a law — passed with sketchy deals and bribery — the President is allowed to institute restrictions within his authority.

If he doesn’t succeed, any immigrant can come here and get free health insurance while American citizens go bankrupt paying for their care.

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