Obama judge responds to Trump’s request on the border wall


A biased federal judge in California has denied the Trump administration’s request to continue work on border wall projects in New Mexico and Arizona using Defense Department funds while an appeal is pending.

Judge Haywood Gilliam, Obama judge

That’s not a shock. Barack Obama only appointed activist judges who would legislate from the bench and ignore the Constitution and the separation of powers.

“The Court does not find that Defendants are likely to prevail on the merits of their appeal,” US District Court Obama Judge Haywood Gilliam wrote. Why does he have to prognosticate?

What could a judge possibly have against a wall to keep invaders, including criminals, out of the country? Apparently, as long as they are futures voters, nothing else matters.

Last week, Gilliam blocked the use of Pentagon funds for parts of the border wall. The administration is appealing that ruling to the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals but asked Gilliam to allow work to continue during the appeal process.

The Washington Examiner reported last week that Gilliam gave a total of $29,000 in donations to Obamas and the DNC.

As we reported, Gilliam is the one who stopped Trump’s Hobby Lobby rule.

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