Obama Judge Says Black Lives Matter Can’t Be Sued


You cannot sue the hard-left Marxist hate group, Black Lives Matter, says an Obama-appointed judge.

A police officer who was injured in Baton Rouge filed suit against the group after they fomented the violence that led to his wounding and permanent injuries.

Judge Jackson

Lousiana U.S. District Judge Brian A. Jackson said Black Lives Matter can’t be sued because they are too amorphous and more like a civil rights group or the Tea Party. Talk about conflating unlike entities.

The officer who sued explained that the organization has meetings, it’s an unincorporated association, they have national chapters, they solicit money, and in this particular case, DeRay McKesson, the organizer, was directing the violence.

Even though McKesson can be sued, the judge says he was engaging in free speech.

McKesson and 90 of the ‘protesters’ actually got $100,000 from the city of Baton Rouge because they were offended and police were militarized. None of them were hurt but that didn’t matter. Their civil rights were violated, they said.


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