Obama Judge upholds subpoena for Trump’s financial records


Politico reported that a federal judge upheld a congressional subpoena seeking President Donald Trump’s financial records from an accounting firm, dealing a blow — at least temporarily — to the president’s efforts to resist Democratic investigations.

U.S. District Court Judge Amit Mehta, an Obama judge, ruled that Mazars USA must comply with the House Oversight and Reform Committee’s subpoena for eight years of Trump’s financial records. The president will most certainly appeal the ruling.

Mehta’s a favorite of the ACLU.

The president filed suit last month to block the subpoena, arguing that it amounted to an abuse of congressional authority.

Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) issued the subpoena to Mazars last month as part of the panel’s investigation into whether Trump committed financial crimes before he became president.

This is a disgraceful ruling. There is no evidence of a crime. It is an abuse of authority.



  1. Eight years? The IRS can only go back 7 years. But then when lawless Democrats are the ones making the demands and an Indian judge born in India and appointed by a Marxist president is making the call what else can we expect. This “judge” made his ruling stating, “It is simply not fathomable that a Constitution that grants Congress the power to remove a president for reasons including criminal behavior would deny Congress the power to investigate him for unlawful conduct — past or present — even without formally opening an impeachment inquiry,”
    So, “your honor”, what’s the unlawful conduct they’re investigating that warrants this intrusion into President Trump’s finances? Exactly what laws are the whiney Democrats claiming President Trump and/or Mr. Trump broke since they’re going back 8 years? Beating Hillary Clinton is not against the law.

  2. The question has not been asked, or answered: What legislative purpose is served by looking at private citizen Trump tax returns? Of course there isn’t any purpose as harassment is not a legislative purpose (at least not in the real world).

  3. Don;t get your hopes up, dems. Trump will appeal to an honest judge and this Marxist fake judge will be overturned. The chief Justice says that there are no Obama judges, but there are, and he is one of them.

  4. I’m pretty sure this will go to the Supreme Court and the subpoena will be denied. This obummer judge tried to use illogical demorat speak, not the law, to make his hairbrained decision. This is an illegal posse looking to turn up a crime, where no evidence exists. When will the demorats start following the law and constitution, instead of just quoting from it.

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