Obama Judge Who Recused Himself From Flynn Case Is Also a FISA Court Judge


Ret. Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn lied to the FBI for some inexplicable reason and was indicted on one count of lying. That is a process crime. In other words, he wasn’t indicted for a crime, he was nabbed for lying during the process of investigation. As part of the deal, he has agreed to full cooperation with the collusion witch hunters of the FBI.

Flynn admitted that two transition team members were involved in the outreach to Russian officials. This week, the judge in the case recused himself.

Obviously that is something Robert Mueller and his entire team should have done, along with many of the heads in the FBI.

A different judge will sentence him since the judge in the case, an Obama Judge, Rudolph Contreras, recused himself for some reason. Usually judges recuse themselves for conflicts of interest.

Clinton appointee Judge Emmet Sullivan will sentence him, according to Fox News.

Contreras sits on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) and has done so since 2016, the same court that approved the investigation and unmasking of Trump campaign staff. That could be the conflict of interest.

Every judge on the FISA court was appointed during Obama’s presidency. Seven of the judges will go into 2020 and the rest go to 2021.

Contreras possibly has ties to the case through FISA. At least he recused himself. More than we can say for all the other corrupt people in the FBI and DoJ.

If Contreras made any rulings in Flynn’s case, they need to be thrown out if there is a conflict with the FISA rulings in the case. Speculations isn’t productive, but one has to wonder why, if there is a conflict of interest, would he wait for about a week to recuse?

Judge Contreras was in the position of approving FISA warrants at the same time FBI Deputy Head of Counterintelligence, FBI Agent Peter Strzok was assembling the underlying information for the FISA warrant used against candidate Trump.

Did Contreras sign off? If he is the judge who ordered the spying on Flynn based on the phony dossier and then oversaw the prosecution of Flynn?

We don’t know and the FBI isn’t about to tell us as was clear during Thursday’s hearings.


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