Obama Just Made His Next Move on Upcoming Mandates in Smart Gun Technology – Update



Please look at the NRA statement at the end

If you have an iPhone with biometrics, you know it fails – a lot – now imagine your gun only starts by the same method. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to know it’s a bad idea but Josh Earnest said today that comments like that are conspiracy theories.

In October, the government agencies of unelected bureaucrats will come out with their recommendations for smart gun technology mandates and Obama will be right there to act on them. Some on the left are insisting that police and military become the first to use it in what is an obvious political ploy. For now, the government is only putting more tax dollars on the line.

The Justice Department put out a call Friday for demonstrations of “smart-gun” technology, part of President Obama’s executive actions pushing for more gun regulation.

In a notice published in the Federal Register, the National Institute of Justice announced it is seeking “an objective demonstration of the reliability of firearms available today with advanced gun safety technology integrated into the firearm.” Prize money of up to $150,000 will be awarded to the most promising entries, with testing planned later with live ammunition.

The idea of developing smart gun technology is a good one but the fascist laws the Democrats will create around it are the problem,

Mr. Obama ordered a multi-agency review of the technology on Jan. 4 as part of his executive action on guns.

In October, the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security et al are going to come up with more requirements – more regulations – that manufacturers would need “to meet for federal, state, and municipal law enforcement agencies to consider purchasing firearms with enhanced safety technology.” That will be done by October. It’s a good get out the vote effort.

The enormously big government is also luring state and local governments in with taxpayer-funded grants.

The technology is nowhere near ready. There are many areas where it falls down and it will be a long time before it’s ready for law enforcement or the military but that won’t stop Democrats from forcing it on them before the technology is ready.

Law enfacement is concerned and their unions and lobbying groups are out expressing concerns, not that a Democrat aka Socialist would care. The government Democrats will use them as the guinea pigs because they are government workers who have no choice.

During a speech at the White House in January, President Barack Obama unveiled a plan to cut gun violence and suggested smart gun technology that would require someone’s fingerprint to fire a gun. It’s not only a fingerprint, you have to also have a bracelet or a ring on that works with it and it takes batteries. It doesn’t take a genius to see the potential failures in that.


What about a police officer or soldier who needs to use a colleagues gun?

Obama set it all up by having his now politicized Departments of Defense, Justice and Homeland Security produce findings to spur the development of guns that can only be fired by their owner. This is the next step.

There is a possibility that such guns could be required for government firearms purchases.

The NYPD said, “We feel that the technology is not yet far enough developed and proven to the extent that we would be prepared to take an official position on it at this time,” a spokesman said.

The left-wing media, with their usual penchant for diversion and non sequiturs are concerned that one of the groups speaking up is a gun lobby group. Meanwhile, nearly the entire media is an anti-gun lobby group in addition to every government agency.

The media continues to lie about the cause of the gun deaths in this country, blaming guns and law-abiding citizens.

The government cronies working on smart technology want the government to push it of course. The dollar signs have blinded them to the fact that it could end up causing more deaths than it saves.

New Jersey already has a law that the only guns sold in the states must use smart technology once it’s ready. No room for mistakes there! We can really trust big government to put our safety and wishes first!

So far, Obama hasn’t shown any inclination to mandate smart gun purchases though the October findings could change that. For the moment, he seems very inclined to spend tax dollars on it and bully manufacturers.

Leftists are harassing manufacturers, dealers and store owners in California according to Politico. No doubt those efforts will continue to increase.

The left says the NRA is ostracizing gun manufacturers who work on smart gun technology. If they are it’s because of people like Stephen Terert.

“There’s a legitimate question right now whether smart gun technology will work for policemen” said Stephen P. Teret, a Johns Hopkins University professor who studied how airbag rules impact safety before he turned his focus to gun violence. “Some of the concerns might be overblown.”

Teret is convinced that across society, smart guns’ lifesaving potential likely outweighs the risks.

“We need to put smart guns in the hands of some policemen to essentially run the experiment” he said, stressing that only officers who volunteer should be signed up, Politico reported.

He wants police to be the guinea pigs!

The R&D will be expensive as will the manufacture of these guns that right now don’t work. Police have never asked for a gun that only one person can fire but it’s another way to take guns away.

Meanwhile, the administration is taking guns away from veterans and seniors who need bookkeeping help from The Veterans and Social Security administration.

I love how the government calls everything “smart” this and “smart” that and then shoves the stupidest things down our throats.


Fairfax, Va.— The National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) issued the following statements on President Obama’s latest gun control push.

In response to the President’s call for “smart gun” technology:

“President Obama’s obsession with gun control knows no boundaries,” said Jennifer Baker, director of NRA-ILA Public Affairs. “At a time when we are actively fighting terrorists at home and abroad, this administration would rather focus the military’s efforts on the president’s gun control agenda.”

In response to the proposed Social Security Administration (SSA) reporting rule:

“The president’s fixation on social security recipients is just another distraction from his failure to address the underlying issues of violent crime and suicide,” said Baker. “As this president makes it harder for law-abiding citizens to exercise their individual right to self-defense, his own administration is releasing criminals convicted of gun crimes back onto the street and prosecuting 40 percent less firearm crimes than the previous administration. President Obama’s focus on denying disability beneficiaries their fundamental Second Amendment rights while giving criminals a free pass is embarrassing and shameful.”






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