Obama Launches Unseemly Gay Christmas Ads to Sell Obamacare


The Obama Administration has a new gimmick to get people enrolled on the Obamacare exchanges, at least a gimmick to get gay people enrolled. He has signed up with Out2Enroll to produce holiday videos aimed at gay people. The video at the end of the post has gay men in skimpy undies prancing around to a woman singing ‘Let it snow.’

The Out2Enroll website says they focus on ‘improving the health of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community,’ but it seems like they are encouraging promiscuity in the ads, something that is not very good for their health. One has to wonder if this video is about supporting gays or corrupting them.

The ads are a bit unseemly for a leader of the free world, not because they’re gay but because they are prancing around barely-clothed hinting at risky sex romps.

Funding comes from the looney-left Center for American Progress, the Sellers Dorsey Foundation, and the Federal Agencies Project. It was kicked off on September 12th with a White House briefing attended by the Ice Queen, Valerie Jarrett.

That brings me to a question.

homosexual Christmas

I have to first set it up.

Gary Gates, demographer at the Williams Institute, reviewed five studies asking subjects about their sexual orientation and determined that there were about 4 million adults who identify as gay or lesbian. He separated out those who occasionally engage in homosexual acts or who said they are attracted to people of the same-sex. The figure represents 1.7% of the adult population (18 years plus). Adding in bisexual and transgender brings that number to 3.8%. Transgenders, he said, are about .030% of the population, lesbian or gay are 1.70% and bisexual 1.80%.

My question is this: Mr. Obama made it clear that the  6 million people who lost their health insurance is a ‘relatively small number.’ Obviously, LGBTs are also a ‘relatively small number’ so why are we being inundated with gay literature, gay ads, gay education?

The claim by Out2Enroll is that healthcare is an LGBT equality issue. Really?

Everything Mr. Obama does is meant to separate and divide us as Americans. Everything is political. He obviously wants to cater to this voting bloc and their supporters but it’s probably more than that.

We can’t be just Americans. We have to be gay Americans, heterosexual Americans, black Americans, white Americans, Hispanic Americans, Mexican Americans, rich Americans, low income Americans, and the list goes on. He has already told us we are not ‘Exceptional’ and now he’s telling us we shouldn’t see ourselves as ‘United.’ He doesn’t want us to see ourselves as traditional Americans or as Exceptional Americans. Now why do you think that is?

The ads alienate a lot of people Obama needs to sell Obamacare to. Why do this?

Should he be separating us by sexual orientation to this degree?

Okay, I have five questions.

The unseemly ad:


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