The Obama Legacy: Those golden years


by Joe David

There is talk that President Barack Hussein Obama is concerned about his political legacy once he is out of office. This is nonsense. Nothing he has ever done during his presidency could tarnish his eight years in the White House. Valerie Jarrett, the President’s closest advisor, said it all so well when she reminded the world onCNN that during the Obama Administration there was never a scandal.

She is absolutely correct. Not one single word of an indiscretion was ever written about him by the establishment media during his years in the White House and barely a word of criticism. That’s because the media felt that everything he did was always for the glory of our country – including those trillions of dollars of debt that he so unceremoniously incurred for America with his generous give-away programs.

In just eight years, the former senator from Illinois whose background has never been satisfactorily clarified has given new and rich meaning to the word patriotism.

Unlike President-Elect Donald J. Trump who began surrounding himself from the start with conspicuously successful and intelligent advisors devoted to protecting the American dream, the Obama administration, from the start, generously began to give our financial resources away to aliens and foreign countries begging for their share of America’s prosperity. When I reminisce over all the wondrous things that occurred under his presidency, from exposing racially motivated cops to enabling ISIS, I can only wonder at how for once in our lifetime, we have had a President, one mere mortal, dedicated to his promise of real hope and change for all.

To summarize the Obama administration’s entire legacy would require volumes. Nevertheless, here are a few exciting moments that occurred during his watch. Some of the moments his administration gave us during his two terms in office include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing people of ambiguous gender with the freedom to use the public toilet of their choice.
  • Allowing late night celebrations with occasional rioting and looting to celebrate the end of racism in America.
  • Encouraging large corporations to move their plants to needy countries around the world where they can enjoy large tax breaks and cheaper labor.
  • Abandoning old friends in order to buy a new friend with a plane load of money secretly delivered at night, when no one was supposed to have been looking.
  • Signing into law by executive order ambitious policies, which Congress would never have approved.
  • Screening airport passengers, not with intelligence and sophistication as was once the case, but in a way that would demonstrate TSA’s skill at intimate pat downs and body scans.
  • Hurling racism calls at anyone who needed to be silenced once and for all for their objectionable views.
  • Installing security guards at border points to allow the safe entry and exit of undocumented visitors, especially those carrying huge loads of contraband.
  • Offering new identities, food stamps, lodging, income, and, when appropriate, voting cards to immigrants, landing in remote U.S. areas of the country late at night to influence America’s cultural change.
  • Using political correctness as another sophisticated tool for silencing opposing views on campuses, in board rooms, and at parties when riots, sit-ins, and shout-downs don’t work.
  • Reducing the guest list at Guantanamo by returning the residents to their loving families abroad, where they may continue their noble crusade for peace through genocide.
  • Politicalizing the FBI and Department of Justice in order to accelerate hope and change among Americans who may not want it – and those in government who may need it to protect their reputation.
  • Using Air Force One as the President’s private carrier for vacations and lecture tours to world capitals, in which America’s past activities are discussed apologetically with appropriate shame.
  • Introducing two new words, Allāhu akbar,to the vocabulary of students interested in joining a growing international movement.
  • Supporting as a Presidential Candidate Hillary Rodman Clinton, whose impressive résumé includes e-mail indiscretions, Benghazi, and pay-to-play deals while Secretary of State.
  • And expecting Americans to accept Obamacare, a limited health care program that few really want and even fewer can afford because of its swiftly rising costs.


Yes, there’s no question about it. Mr. Obama’s presidency will long be remembered, especially his parting shots at Russia and Israel, and God only knows who else.

Goodbye, Mr. Ex. None of us hard-working Americans will ever forget you. You are absolutely right about Mr. Trump. Time will prove that his electoral landslide is the result of Russia’s meddling, not anything you or Ms. Clinton did to bring about such dramatic party change.

Despite the tears you have caused us over the years with your many spankings, we are all very thankful in the end for the main thing you have done for us. You have given us “deplorables” back our common sense.


Article first published in Israel National News

Joe David is the author of six books. His controversial new novel, The Infidels, which examines the Assyrian Genocide, was first published in United Kingdom in 2014 and was re-issued in the United States in 2015.. His first novel, The Fire Within, published in the early 1980s, received national attention upon publication for its incisive look at the U.S. government’s role in the corruption of American education.


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