Obama Legitimizes Illegal Immigration With A New American Task Force


In order to entrench the new unconstitutional mandate on illegal immigration, Barack Obama has formed a New American Task Force to integrate the “temporarily” illegal aliens into our society.

He didn’t let any grass grow under his feet.

In a release on the White House website, it said that the “President is creating a White House Task Force on New Americans to create a federal strategy on immigrant integration”. You can be sure that it won’t be to assimilate them into a Republic. It will likely be used to organize the masses in a way that will increase illegal immigration.

The open borders proponents like Luis Guitiérrez have said that they earned this legalization because they fought for it. They are now a protected class. They are the entitled. Activist journalist Jorge Ramos of Univision believes Obama owes it to them, presumably because we won and bought land from Mexico in 1848.

He hopes to make New Americans into another group that hates Republicans.

All roads lead to a one party system under far-left Democrats.

He will streamline the court process to hasten legalization of New Americans. He noted that he has been sending the DOJ officials down to the border – the one he wouldn’t visit – to redirect law enforcements’ resources and directives in a way that will hasten legalization and end deportation.

Any New American who has a family will get to stay no doubt.

Another news release/alleged fact sheet issued Friday lists the White House’s perceived “economic benefits of fixing our broken immigration system”.

One of his “facts” is that the tax revenue from the illegals will boost the economy and increase wages for all. Who believes that?

More than 57% of illegal immigrants collect welfare benefits and most work off the books. He isn’t bringing in people who are educated who could boost the economy. The people he is legalizing are uneducated and don’t speak the language. It will take generations for them to catch up and, until then, they will need a lot of help.

They will also take jobs from the poor in this country who are citizens.

Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers came up with some very optimistic predictions. They wouldn’t dare do otherwise. The council is as dishonest as he is.

It’s foofoo dust.

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