Obama Lies Again: Predicts Tourism Problems in Alaska Because of Global Warming



When Barack Obama speaks, it’s hard to know where to begin in sorting out the endless lies. This week’s address was no different.

His weekly address was about climate change in Alaska.

One of his more troublesome claims repeated in the address is that China is making a tough commitment to deal with climate change. All China actually did was say they’d think about it in 2030.

He is now claiming that global warming is hurting tourism in Alaska. Alaska has budgetary problems and is slashing their tourism funding. They expect it to cause a significant drop in travel to Alaska. This provided an opportunity for Obama to make it about climate change.

His entire trip to Alaska is to promote his Socialist climate change agenda.

Last year was a record breaker for Alaska tourism. From May 2013 to April of 2014, the state hosted nearly two million out-of-state tourists, the most in its history.

A report from the Alaska Division of Economic Development said the 1.96 million visitors was 5,000 more than the last record set in 2007-2008. It is also represents a 6 percent increase over the previous 12-month period and the third consecutive year of growth.

Barack Obama says that will all change because of global warming. He might be right about tourism going down but it has nothing to do with climate change and everything to do with budgetary cuts due to the oil prices and heavy regulations in the state.

The Alaska Travel Industry Association’s budget has been cut by 45% beginning July 1 and therein lies their problem.

The fiscal year 2016 budget, through its work with the state Commerce Department’s Tourism Marketing Program, will be cut by about $8.6 $7.7 million to $10.1 $10.2 million, which is down from $18.7 $17.9 million in 2015.

They had to cut out most TV ads, reducing it to a mere $1 million in fiscal year 2016.  That also has to cover cable.

Other marketing ventures were cut. The cuts were across the board and advertising promotions with countries like Taiwan and China were cancelled.


The ferry system has been cut drastically displacing thousands of tourists.

The drop in oil prices has taken a toll on the state budget.

Regulations are killing Alaska’s budget along with the ever-growing welfare and entitlement systems in the state.

They won a temporary hold in their lawsuit against the EPA’s new suffocating water rule.

Governor Bill Walker is currently moving to expand the Medicaid program. He’s expanding it unilaterally.

Environmentalists like the Alaska Fisheries Conservation Alliance are attempting to ban an entire group of fishermen.

Even if the earth continues to warm, there is absolutely no evidence man can control it. We don’t even know if man caused it.

The Tourism Industry is predicting a decline in the industry because of budget cuts so Obama is using that has to turn it into a climate change scenario. He’s as dishonest as any person could be.



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