Obama – Don’t Arrest Illegals If They’re Parents or Legal Guardians



Photo of US-Mexico border with the fence we have installed to hold back invaders

The lawless president is breaking immigration law again. In a memo issued on Friday, the Obama administration advised ICE agents that they should try to not arrest and deport parents or legal guardians of minor children. The new policy is called the “Family Interest Directive.”

For all intents and purposes, ICE will not arrest parents and legal guardians.

How many people here illegally or who plan to come here illegally don’t have children?

Marco Rubio is right. Mr. Obama is going to legalize the millions of people entering the country illegally.

Open borders groups who like to refer to themselves as immigrant-rights groups are quite pleased.

Napolitano consistently says she can only deport 400,000 of the 11 million here illegally per year so it makes sense to prioritize.

Drug cartel members with children or who are legal guardians could find safe haven under this new rule.

The administration is playing loose with immigration law and putting us in danger. They do not have our backs.

In 2006, the House released a report titled, “A Line in the Sand: Confronting the Threat at the Southwest Border,” indicating that 1.2 million crossed into the US illegally in 2005 alone. Out of that number, 165,000 were from countries Other Than Mexico (OTM’s). About 650 of them were from “special interest countries” or nations designated as countries sponsoring terrorism.

It will be very difficult for ICE to do their job with these restrictions and we can expect more OTM’s.

All of this should go through Congress but none of it goes through Congress.

ICE sued the government over their right to arrest people here illegally but a federal judge threw out the suit even though he agreed ICE probably had the right to arrest people here illegally. He ruled that he did not have jurisdiction and it was a matter for collective bargaining.

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