Obama Looks to Movie Makers, Techs, Community Organizers to Defeat ISIS


obama tweeter

Barack Obama said that to take out violent radical extremism (he means violent radical Islamic extremism), “it won’t be enough to defeat ISIS on the ground or take out their leaders.” The secret is to defeat them ONLINE!

If he defeats them on the ground, they will be defeated! He doesn’t know that.

The lame duck president wants these entrepreneurs, organizers, techs and movie makers to defeat ISIL (IS or ISIS). Obama wants to penetrate ISIS via propaganda. The great propagandist himself laughably said he doesn’t want the government involved in propaganda.

His life is like a Grade B movie and asking these people to do what needs to be done by the military, not Twitter, is a good representation of who he is as a leader.


He wants to defeat ISIS online when all he would have to do is defeat them on the ground, never to be heard from again. He is letting them grow and expand so they too can one day be impossible to defeat. (They expanded into Southeast Asia and Libya, right across the Sea from Sicily)

Forbes listed the 15 traits of a bad leader. The first was, Leaders who can’t see it, probably won’t find it. There you go – Obama can’t see radical Islamic extremism.

Others are:

  • When leaders fail to lead themselves, the can’t lead (he wants people least able to do the job to do the job)
  • Put-up or shut-up (there is no performance from Obama unless it’s to push us towards socialism)
  • Beware the know-it-all
  • When there’s a failure to communicate
  • It’s all about them

You can read the rest at Forbes but in every case, he does not possess a leadership quality.



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