Obama Moves to Destroy the Marine Corps Who Are No Longer to Be Called “Men”



Every symbol, their flag, their emblem, and their symbols represent their elite history connecting the past and present warriors for Americans who earned their place among the few.  The Marines are the symbolic soul of the military having first been formed in Philadelphia’s Tun Tavern in 1775. They admit only those who demonstrate the highest standards of character.

Obama wants them filled up with unqualified women who can’t pass the tests, openly transgender people, and the word “man” has been removed from the lexicon.

The Marines are not about promoting social causes.  They are a fighting force of men and qualified women whose mission is to protect the citizens.

Our military and our police would not stand with an authoritarian government against the people, but an Armed Forces that is gender-neutral and gutted of their mission would.

From the Marines website [emphasis mine]: “Since November 10, 1775, is our unyielding commitment to protecting the lives of our citizens and the interests of our nation. Our purpose, by congressional mandate, is to be this nation’s rapid response force; we are thus called to be ‘most ready when the nation is least ready.’ From humanitarian relief efforts to combat operations; from air, land, and sea to every clime and place, the Marine Corps is ready to answer our nation’s call.”

Obama is social engineering them into his idea of an Obama force, loyal to him and his statist followers, not to the people. We all know that is what he is doing and the damage he has already done to our Armed Forces would take years to undo if we get a President who will do it. He is neutering them.

Rep. Duncan Hunter, a veteran Marine officer in Congress who served two combat tours in Iraq and a third in Afghanistan, described Navy Secretary Ray Mabus as “a bigger threat to the men and women of the Marine Corps than ISIS” for trying to integrate women into infantry and other combat arms positions.

Obama through Mabus is making job titles neutral.

It’s madness.

On January 1, Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Robert Neller uses a memo to remove the word “man.”

“None of the secretaries of the Navy’s policies help us close with and destroy the enemy with fire and close combat,” he said. “Mabus’ social meddling puts every Marine in harm’s way at greater risk.”

Gender-neutral job titles are PC insanity and they are meant to weaken the strongest of our forces.

“These are long-lasting,” Hunter told POLITICO. “These changes that they’re making are not thought out, they’re not researched, they’ve not been debated. The American public has no idea what’s going on … It’s going to get people killed.”

“The reason the military is there is not to be a transgender, corporate organization,” Hunter said, referring to the Pentagon’s plans to allow transgender service members to serve openly. “The military is there to execute American policy overseas, protect our allies and kill our enemies. It’s not a corporation. We’re not all treated equal.”

It’s not about any bigotry against transgenders, it’s about changing the mission.

nine-month Marine Corps infantry integration test determined mixed-gender teams were slower and did not shoot as well as all-male teams. Women were also injured at twice the rate of male Marines.

Mabus rationalized the results with suppositions and completely discounted them. Mabus is no representative of the Corps, he’s a stooge of the Obama administration. For example, Mabus said maybe we picked stronger women who picked up heavier loads and that’s why they were hurt.

“According to the Marine Corps’ own study on gender integration in ground combat units, Mabus’ social meddling will get Marines killed,” Hunter said.

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter said he disagreed with the Marine Corps and was plowing ahead.

General Dunford, now chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was notably absent from the news conference announcing this latest destructive move by the Obama administration. When one reporter asked if Dunford is “fully on board” with his decision, Carter replied: “Well, you’ll have to speak to him about that. But he understands what my decision is and my decision is my decision, and we will implement it accordingly.

Call Democrats what they are – socialists and communists. They not only want to disarm us and take our guns, they want to disarm our military and especially our Marines.

These changes to our Marines are just more of the cultural sea change instituted by Marxist in the White House and his legions of colleagues.

Sources: PoliticoMarne Corps Times, and Fox News


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6 years ago

whats obama’s obsession with trannies?no woman can do 49 pushups in under 2 minutes.very few at least.they cant do pullups or lift heavy weight as well.if at all.just stay ut of the marines.women have been trying to infiltrate everything guys are proud of .its not because they love being a marine it was to make men look stupid.and that’s why they do it.they now they will be passed regardless losers always do in America.

6 years ago

If the MIL is so tough why dont they stand up and tell o-bow-ma to go F++K himself? Because they have no spine, no ballz and are waiting for a pension which they get when they sold their souls.

Call it like I see it…….

6 years ago

Oh please. What next. Somebody get him out of office before he destroys what little we have. Guess he’s accomplishing what he set out to do……destroy America and make us the laughing stock of the world.

6 years ago

This is getting extremely ridiculous. Ever since he got into office Obama has and is doing his best to bring America down to its lowest point. He’s doing a great job! He’s taking all the best things about America and doing whatever he can to degrade this country!!! It’s ever a bigger shame that those we elected into office this last time around have not done their job. Come November/2016 Americans need to show their displeasure by voting everybody out of their positions and elect in all new people that will hopefully listen to the to what the American People are saying!!! Instead of just doing whatever they want!!! Enough is enough!

Herbert R.
6 years ago

When flawed leadership and subjective interpretation of law neutralize the effectiveness of the military and law enforcement, the probability of war intensifies and the crime rate soars. The nation is victimized when the military is neglected, despised, ineffective; honest citizens are victimized by criminals.