Watchdog Wants Obama Held Accountable for His “Soft Coup”


Jay Sekulow of the ACLJ, the American Center for Law and Justice, believes Barack Obama has orchestrated a “soft coup” and he needs to be held accountable. Sadly, many Americans are not aware of just how dangerous Barack Obama is to the Republic. This is pure Alinsky.

Much of the leaking which is damaging the Trump administration is tied to Obama’s last hour rule change which allows the NSA to send out unfiltered raw data to the other 16 agencies. The agencies then decide how to use it. It makes it almost impossible, if not impossible, to track the leakers.

Barack Obama likely knew they had this information on General Flynn and others. He put the rule in place shortly before leaving office to allow the leaks.

This is a hole that must be plugged immediately.

It allows the so-inclined intelligence officials to take away peoples’ privacy rights and illegally tap the phones of targets like General Flynn.

Jay Sekulow explains:

There was a sea-change here at the NSA with an order that came from president Obama 17 days before he left office where he allowed the NSA who used to control the data, it now goes to 16 other agencies and that just festered this whole leaking situation, and that happened on the way out, as the president was leaving the office.

Why did the Obama administration wait until it had 17 days left in their administration to put this order in place if they thought it was so important. They had 8 years, they didn’t do it, number one. Number two, it changed the exiting rule which was an executive order dating back to Ronald Reagan, that has been in place until 17 days before the Obama administration was going to end, that said the NSA gets the raw data, and they determine dissemination.

Instead, this change that the president put in place, signed off by the way by James Clapper on December 15, 2016, signed off by Loretta Lynch the Attorney General January 3, 2017, they decide that now 16 agencies can get the raw data and what that does is almost creates a shadow government. You have all these people who are not agreeing with President Trump’s position, so it just festers more leaks.

If they had a justification for this, wonderful, why didn’t they do it 8 years ago, 4 years ago, 3 years ago. Yet they wait until 17 days left.

The Washington Post has been publishing leaks from unnamed sources and anonymous officials in the intelligence community that no other outlet is getting.

Most of the leaks took place when Obama was still president. The rogue intel officials are Obama holdovers in all likelihood.

It’s important to note that the owner of the Washington Post, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, has a $600 million services contract with the CIA.

The CIA has given Amazon a 10-year contract to build and operate a private CIA cloud for data sharing and analysis. That implies a very close relationship.

The contract was awarded in 2013 by the GAO even though IBM put in a lower bid..

Liberty Unyielding reported that Amazon filed suit on July 24, 2013; Bezos announced the purchase of WaPo on August 5th; and the court ruled in Amazon’s favor on October 7th.

Very coincidental.

In 2015, Amazon hired Obama’s former press secretary, Jay Carney.

Bezos has it in for Trump. Trump has been highly critical of him.

Bezos bought the “biggest house in Washington,” in the Obamas’ new neighborhood of Kalorama. Bezos and his family had lived in Seattle, where Amazon is headquartered. While Kalorama is the “in” neighborhood, it’s interesting.

At this point, people should be very concerned about all the coincidences and especially the fact that this corporate giant bought WaPo, the biggest leaker of intel secrets, and they are tied to the CIA.

Another fact tying Barack Obama to this “soft coup” is the relaunch of his Organizing for America. The purpose of OFA is to destroy this administration and to win back the Senate, perhaps even the House.

If you are not versed in Alinsky, it’s explained on the video below.

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