Obama Negotiates with Ruthless Dictators But Not the GOP


Putin taking us down

Photo of Putin taking Obama down in a small submarine. The caption reads, ‘We’re Going Down!’

Mr. Obama will negotiate with ruthless dictators like Putin and Assad, but he will not negotiate with the GOP over the debt ceiling, a term he uses incorrectly. The debate is not over the debt ceiling, it’s over the spending bill and Obamacare.

The GOP have tied approval of the spending bill to a one-year delay of Obamacare. Mr. Obama has made it clear he will not delay Obamacare.

Check out this Boehner video:

The Obamacare law is a train wreck that is destroying our healthcare system. People are losing their insurance, their doctors, and their jobs. House Speaker Boehner, after trying everything possible to fix or repeal Obamacare, now stands with House members in insisting that Obamacare be delayed for one year by defunding it for one year.

The Republicans will agree to everything in the spending bill except Obamacare. Mr. Obama will not have that debate, risking a government shutdown while claiming the Republicans are shutting down the government.

ABC’s Jon Karl asked a good question. He wanted to know how it is tenable to not even negotiate with Republicans on the debt ceiling:

U.S. Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA-14) introduced the Stability, Security and Fairness Resolution, the actual plan to fund the government for Fiscal Year 2014 while fully delaying and defunding Obamacare until 2015.

The GOP will give Obama everything he wants if he delays Obamacare for one year.

Mr. Obama has unlawfully re-written the Obamacare law at least five times. He has given waivers to Congress, delayed the employer mandate, violated peoples’ rights of conscience, and is trying to find a way to carve out exemptions for unions. What Republicans want now is to have the Individual Mandate delayed by one year and they are forcing the issue by defunding Obamacare for one year.

If the spending bill is not approved, the government will shut down. Polls show that a government shutdown will be blamed on the GOP by a margin of 57%.  The GOP is showing tremendous courage here.

Mr. Obama won’t negotiate in part because he wants the debt ceiling fight to use it against Republicans in advance of the 2014 elections.

Mr. Obama wants the government to shut down so he can blame it on Republicans with his media allies beating the drums.

The Senate GOP now has the proposal and it is unclear if they will go along with the House on this issue. They are concerned about a government shutdown.

Mr. Obama claims that Republicans are extorting him to get what they want. It’s an odd thing to say since Obamacare was pushed through using bribery and without a single Republican vote.

Even though he is a constitutional lawyer, Mr. Obama appears to be unaware of the fact that Congress has the power of the purse to reign in an out-of-control Executive Branch.

Mr. Obama claims the GOP wants their way 100%, however, they are agreeing to everything he wants but they want a one-year delay on Obamacare.

Mr. Obama would rather unleash the train wreck on the American people.

At 01:07, he makes it clear that he will not negotiate:


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