Obama of Arabia Carries On


Obama of Arabia continues to wreak havoc on the Middle East with his confusing and feckless foreign policy.

Obama’s National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, tweeted this week that Israel’s condemnation of Kerry’s boycott threats are “unfounded and unacceptable,” according to Israel National News. “Personal attacks” against him are “unacceptable”, Rice said. Apparently Israel is not allowed to exercise free speech.

It’s just one more insult against our ally out of many. The insults and threats will keep coming until Israel agrees to go back to pre-1967 borders.

Putin is saber rattling in our Hemisphere and in the Ukraine, China is building up their air and sea military power.

Over the weekend, IS and al Qaeda met to join together in their fight against everyone else. The two most ruthless and evil forces on earth are united against our military.

In early November, IS met with al Nusra, the al Qaeda group that is squeezing the moderates out of Syria. Two decisions were reached at this meeting. They will halt infighting between Nusra and IS and, the groups together will open up fronts against Kurdish fighters in a couple of new areas of northern Syria.

Obama counted on arming the so-called moderate rebels to fight the war against IS (ISIS).

Clearly Obama of Arabia’s plan to manage and defeat IS isn’t working.

He ended the Iraq war without a status of forces agreement and now we are sending soldiers back into the country.

As POTUS plunges back into Iraq with U.S. military advisers in the fight against the growing ISIS threat, U.S. generals are warning that we must reckon on a multi-year commitment. U.S. air power coupled with military advisers but without U.S. ground troops cannot do much without a muscular Iraqi army. Iraq once had such a force but it was disbanded following the U.S. invasion of 2003 to depose Saddam Hussein and neutralize his nuclear arsenal.

The Afghan war was designed to eliminate Taliban for its support for al Qaeda following 9/11. After 13-years, we’ve spent over $1 trillion, 2,250 U.S. killed and 19,000 wounded and the Taliban is fine.

Earlier this year, he traded five Taliban terrorists for one deserter. All five Taliban have had contact with the Taliban in Qatar and there are reports that three are back on the battlefield.

At the same time, the U.S. Army has begun to fire active-duty military officers. Some are receiving their pre-Christmas pink slips in war zones where they are fighting for our country. Most have served multiple tours in combat.

We will barely be able to fight one war once the Army is reduced though we are engaged on multiple fronts now.

It’s an invitation to our enemies to build up their military and engage in acts of aggression. We haven’t been this weak in fifty years.

He is reducing our Army to a size smaller than Turkey’s and about the size of France’s. He forced these Draconian cuts through with his sequestration.

He is working on space arms agreements with our enemies which will force us to follow a European Union code of conduct for outer space activities. In line with his bizarre climate change policies, he wants a moratorium on “debris-generating kinetic energy [anti-satellite] testing. He is not involving the Pentagon or the Congress in these agreements. All of this is being done through the State Department, without the Pentagon.

He plans to disarm us in space while Russia and China weaponize space.

He wants to send $6 billion to Africa to fight Ebola while far more people die in the United States from the flu, cancer, and so on but receive far less money.

Then there is Iran. Mr. Obama will do anything to get a deal with Iran, even one that leaves them a nuclear threshold state.

All in all, Obama of Arabia is a complete failure as leader of the free world, but he appears to be a success in allowing our enemies to grow in strength. If something doesn’t change, it will mean irreparable harm and it will be irreversible.

These are dangerous times.


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