Obama Officials Accused of Conspiring with EU to Evade US Sanctions


Former President might have sent his senior officials to conspire with the EU on ways to evade U.S. sanctions against Iran. If true, this needs to be addressed.

It’s not inconceivable given John Kerry’s recent admissions.

Former secretary of state John Kerry has said he has been meeting behind the President’s back with Iran’s foreign minister, other Iranian officials, and EU officials to discourage them from cooperating with the United States. He told Iran to wait out this administration.

In other words, he has conspired with and for America’s enemies. He has drawn the ire of U.S. officials.


There is other news about disloyal Americans according to a Republican operative. Top Obama officials have told EU officials how to evade sanctions, according to Richard Goldberg. This might have been done in collusion with Iran.

Richard Goldberg is an advisor for The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies and he is a former Chief of Staff to Governor Rauner. He has also worked for Senator Kirk.

He tweeted on the 15th, “I  have been told by banking officials in Europe that former senior Obama officials worked with European officials to design sanctions evasion schemes. This effort was likely closely coordinated with the Islamic Republic. Hard to imagine Kerry didn’t discuss these efforts as well.”

Some are trying to convince Goldberg that if itt happened, it’s free speech.

Conspiring with dangerous enemies is free speech?


Recently, the EU officials updated their blocking statutes to protect themselves from U.S. sanctions. They think they will ensure their national security and protect their sovereignty by evading U.S. sanctions and continuing trade with Iran.

In their mind, Iran is compliant with the nuclear deal. They ignore the fact that the Iranians are sending nuclear missiles into other countries like Iraq and training them in their use and in building their own. They are attacking U.S. diplomatic posts.

Iran is continuing their nuclear development and the nuke deal was a pathetic joke. What it mainly did was give Iran the go ahead on becoming a nuclear nation.

Goldberg responded to the EU’s blocking statutes plan in a tweet: Can’t wait to see the first designation of a European company that tries to use the blocking statute. Even better – a bank or insurer. Will it happen? Highly unlikely. If it does, no mercy coming from US financial warriors. Re-upping from Feb:

Yep, lots of luck with that.


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