Obama Plans His Multi-Million Dollar Hawaii Vacation As US Terrorism Grows


Barack Obama and family are going back to Hawaii for Christmas. Huffington Post reported that the Obama’s “lodging includes a $3,500-a-day, beachside rental home”. Judicial Watch reported that last year “the cost to taxpayers for the vacation’s flight expense was $7,781,361.30.” That’s only  the travel cost.

Obamas upon returning from their last multi-million dollar vacation.
Obamas upon returning from their last multi-million dollar vacation.

He’s entitled to vacations but not when one considers the terrible job he’s doing. He should have been fired.

Terrorists just killed 14 people in San Bernardino and wounded 21 others. Every week, at least one terrorist or terrorist hopeful is arrested in the United States, but what is Obama concerned about? He’s concerned about Donald Trump using blunt language. He’s worried about the so-called “hateful rhetoric” of the GOP. His concerns are gun control for legal gun owners and how he is going to get tens of thousands more unvetted refugees into the country quickly.

That’s a sham by the way. His administration has already given green cards to 280,000 this year, mostly to people from the terrorist part of the world. Some are refugees but others are on student and travel visas.

After San Bernardino, Obama was an apologist for Islam. That’s not a normal reaction.

The left believes and wants us to believe that anti-Islam talk is feeding terrorists. That’s illogical and it’s inaccurate. We need an honest discussion.

Sen. Ted Cruz makes some good points in this clip via CNS News.

This is so wrong and so illogical and we are letting this go on.

Terrorists are being radicalized in Mosques in the U.S. Why is that so hard for people to believe? In Paris, they found veritable arsenals inside Mosques, including heavy weapons. The French are planning to close a total of 160 Mosques and have already begun the process.

Abdirizak Mohamed Warsame, 20, who was just arrested as part of a terrorist ring, was part of a group of Minnesota men who played basketball and watched propaganda videos at a local mosque, according to the Star Tribune. You notice I said MOSQUE, those buildings we won’t raid. He’s the 10th man arrested in Minnesota this year on terrorism charges. Some of his colleagues are recruiters.

A mosque located in Richardson, Texas was named a co-conspirator in the biggest terrorism financing trial in United States history and was closed this week. The mosque, also known as Dallas Central Mosque, was set up from its development to fund the terrorist organization, Hamas, and terrorist activities via the now-defunct Holy Land Foundation (HLF).

HLF was designated as a terrorist organization by our own government.

Mark Steyn said Trump sounds less insane with a Muslim ban than Kerry in Paris saying it had nothing to do with Islam. We can’t absolve all Muslims – it allows Muslims to ignore the problems in their religion, he added.

The terrorists throughout the Middle East and Africa are radical Islamists and they are all bent on global jihad but Obama won’t even say the words though he will blame Christians for the Crusades.

ISIS is the most visible.

Like the Nazis who saw handicapped children as a burden, ISIS has reportedly issued a fatwa ordering disabled children to be killed. It’s the same “purification” the Nazis engaged in.

These horrible people are here in this country and the president is worrying about invading their privacy by looking at their social media pages before they are allowed in.

Handicapped child
Handicapped Child in Mosul

The little Yazidi boy pictured below witnessed his entire family raped and/or slaughtered. He was turned into a killing machine. He’s now a poster boy for ISIS and appeared in their magazine.

Yazidi child

The next photo doesn’t need explanation. It’s absolutely horrific. It is the real war on women.

ISIS and the slave girls

When Barack Obama spews hatred for the GOP, rampages about guns, and talks about the Constitution as a “work in progress” as he did today, just think about how crazy that is.


Sources: Mosul Eye and The Daily Mail


  1. He should pay for his own vacation not tax payers. I can’t even afford Christmas this year while a wealthy president has us pay for his fun in the sun. Doesn’t seem too democratic.

    • It seems like the Obamas have been on vacation more than working! Wish I could afford to take a vacation! I have to work to pay my taxes and rising rent with no salary increase for 3 years! Feeling defeated!

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