Obama Plans to Give Billions to Iran If They Keep Talking to Him


Obama resets Iran relationship

Satirical photo of Rouhani and Obama pushing the reset button

Mr. Obama is looking to gradually release $12 billion in frozen Iranian assets with nothing from Iran in return except their continuing the ‘promising’ talks about having talks. Only Mr. Obama could find these near-talks promising.

The Iranians are demanding that their inalienable right to build a nuclear weapon be recognized. They want all sanctions removed. While this is going on, they are enriching uranium!

They did say they might one day allow the UN to give snap inspections of their nuclear sites.

What a deal!

Congress won’t want to go along with this but Mr. Obama has no problem ignoring Congress and giving money to our enemies. Make no mistake, Iran is our enemy.

The first break in the very weak Obama dam came when Administration officials said they would urge the Senate to hold off on voting on a new bill to strangle Iran’s oil exports further until after the next round of talks on Nov. 7.

Iranians want all the money that has been frozen in accounts here and abroad and they probably won’t accept a phase in.

The administration is portraying the talks as positive and detailed but the Iranians have offered no plan to curtail uranium enrichment or dismantle enrichment facilities. Somehow Mr. Obama finds this all very encouraging.

Once Mr. Obama releases the $12 billion, it will be followed by a release of $35 billion in frozen EU assets.

Sanctions are our only hope at slowing the Iranian uranium enrichment and Congress wants to tighten them.

“Given Iran’s refusal to halt its illicit nuclear and ballistic missile programs,” said Senator Mark S. Kirk, an Illinois Republican, “the Senate should immediately move forward with a new round of economic sanctions targeting all remaining Iranian government revenue and reserves.”

The sanctions bill is expected to be ready on the eve of the next round of talks in Geneva.

The State Department wants to hold off on sanctions and additional punitive measures so as to not provoke a backlash from Iran’s hard-liners who are backing President Rouhani’s alleged diplomatic overture.

Binjamin Netanyahu will not comment on the actual proposal since it is not yet official American policy .

The sanctions are the only thing that have worked. Rouhani has already fooled us once with faux peace talks and now we are going to allow him to do it again? Our president is talking about helping the Iranian economy before they have promised anything or done anything.

Read more at the NY Times

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6 years ago


6 years ago

why & how does Obama get away with this, where is our congress to stop this insanity of giving Iran 12 billion dollars.. As a Veteran, I feel that I fought for nothing. Impeach Obama NOW!! Someone must stand up to his insane ways now !!