Obama “Presidency is over.” Let King Barack’s Reign Begin



Upon the Wednesday release of a Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey, Chuck Todd despondently announced, “This poll is a disaster for the president…essentially the public is saying, “your presidency is over.” And to that we say, what President Obama likely said…“So what?”.

Some of the most “knowledgable” commentators claimed the same thing months ago. The thinking back then, shared by many pundits from both the left and right, was Obama’s “I’ve got a phone and I’ve got a pen.” approach to governing would be largely inconsequential. Those of us who have watched this president continue to exceed the constitutional limits of his office in increasingly reckless ways, knew his power grab would be anything but inconsequential.

Folks talking so casually about the restrictions binding our Chief Executive failed to consider that, while most legislators and media stayed silent, or worse shrugged, Obama was already speeding well past constitutional restraints. From unilaterally changing ObamaCare to suit his political convenience, to ignoring border enforcement, Barack Obama has cherry picked the laws he wanted enforced and those he wanted ignored. Richard Nixon was threatened with impeachment for just considering doing things similar in nature to what Obama has done.

Yet, save a few exceptions, a cowardly press and impotent members of Congress allow this lawless juggernaut to continue unchecked. They bow to the wishes and whims of a fellow who, with each passing day feels and acts “progressively” more empowered. Barack isn’t even bothering to reach out to fellow elected officials with that phone. He just puts his magic pen to some paper somewhere and, presto we’ve got new laws. He don’t need no “stinkin’ lawmakers”. He don’t need no “stinkin’ presidency”. Barack Obama has proven he can rule by proclamation.

If that seems harsh, let’s look back at monarchs who reigned during the Middle Ages. Those rulers, under a doctrine called the divine right of kings, felt they’d received their throne from God, and were subject to no earthly authority. By extension any decree from them immediately became statute. How exactly are Obama’s “executive orders” all that different from decrees given by those Medieval narcissists?

A huge step away from absolute monarchies took place on June 15, 1215 when, on the bank of the River Thames, England’s not so good King John unhappily signed the Magna Carta. The charter required John proclaim certain liberties and accept that his will was not arbitrary. It limited his powers and protected the rights of Englishmen. This document is considered to be a critical component in the historical process that led to the rule of constitutional law in Great Britain and beyond.

Given a political environment dominated by fearful handwringing, and the threat that any talk of impeachment makes the speaker a racist, we might want to try repeating some history. Maybe a brave bunch of legislators could meet the prez, say on the banks of the Potomac River, and get him to sign the Magna Carta II. The document should focus on bringing Obama’s actions back within the clearly defined limits constitutionally set aside for a President of the United States. It worked 799 years ago, but then again those fellows “imposing” that spectacularly consequential instrument of democracy on their despot had some….gonads.

Being the latter mentioned, intestinal fortitude, is now-a-days, in very short supply around D.C. we can be certain Chuck Todd is worried a whole lot more about Obama’s poll numbers than Barack is. At this rate it won’t be long before a chorus of left wing pundits and pols, at the urging of Obama, will be proclaiming , “The presidency is dead! Let King Barack’s reign begin!”. We’re going backwards fast, and the not so good King John, along with his Medieval ilk, must be smiling from their special place in hell.