Obama Press Conference in Israel


Bibi and Barack

All is well between Barack and Bibi if one only uses today’s press conference as a measure.

Actually, Bibi is now faced with a weaker government coalition than he had four years ago and he is dependent on the US. Bibi is in a difficult position.

President Obama said today that there is still time for diplomacy with Iran. He said he will keep Iran from getting the bomb and Bibi Netanyahu said he believes the president on this.

President Obama shut down any difficult questions from the press. He ignored the context of F. Chuck Todd’s question about what went wrong since his (Obama’s) speech in Egypt to now. President Obama’s answer was that he doesn’t regard it as a failure to have not achieved peace in the mid-East.

Obama talked about the two-state solution, which could mean going back to 1967 borders. Obama believes that Israel will be safer if a solution is reached.

There is a misunderstanding about time regarding Iran, Bibi said. If Iran decides to go about making a weapon, it will take a year as the president said, Bibi continued.  Bibi added, Iran is now enriching uranium. They have not reached the red line he (Bibi) discussed at the UN. They (Israel) have a common assessment with the US but once Iran gets through the enrichment zone, there is not a lot of time.

The disagreement between Bibi and Barack is the actual acquiring of the capability of enriching. Bibi is concerned and Barack is not.

Obama insinuated that Bibi could act on its own if need be. That would not be doable in all likelihood. They would suffer the wrath of much of the world.

Bibi praised Barack for supplying military aid and for arranging for ten year talks on US military assistance to Israel.

On another note, President Obama, unsurprisingly, found that the chemical attack in Syria did not meet his definition of a red line. It was merely chlorine gas. Obama said the US is investigating and doesn’t want to get dragged into a war based on wild speculation. If weapons are used that can cause mass casualties (if the genie is out of the bottle) then the international community (not him or us) would have to act on this information, Obama continued.  [You didn’t really think he was going to do anything, did you?]

President Obama originally said he would not allow the use of chemical weapons, but he is now re-drawing the red line. Perhaps he shouldn’t make promises he has no intention of keeping. If he is going to allow some chemical weapons or if he’s going to insist the UN lead on this, he should be clear.

It seems to me that it is difficult to make the case that there is a difference between using a chemical weapon and a drone in war time.

Obama has spent his time ignoring the Knesset and meeting with liberal university students. That is where his true intentions lie.



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