Obama Projected His Faults on Republicans Again


Grumpy obama

Barack Obama projected his faults on Republicans again. It’s all part of his Narcissim and he probably can’t help it. He needs therapy.

Irony of ironies! Barack Obama, the most negative man in the country, compared Republicans to “Grumpy Cat,” the Internet meme depicting the notoriously unhappy feline.

On Friday, Obama took the stage at the Democratic National Committee’s Women’s Leadership Forum and didn’t miss the opportunity to insult the opposition though he claims to be a uniter and a compromiser.

He attacked Republican presidential candidates for their alleged pessimistic rhetoric on the trail. This is a man who has been vicious in his rhetoric.

We’ve made “enormous progress” during this presidency, he proclaimed with a straight face.

Obama then asked, “why is it that Republican politicians are so down on America?”

Isn’t it clever how he tries to say we are down on America when he is the one down on America. It’s called projection and it’s a trait of Narcissists.

This is rich from a man who is constantly negative about police, Republicans, conservatives, Tea Party, the Constitution, the Second Amendment, free speech, Christians, Jews, and every other group that represents the traditional America he hates.

Then he the Democratic women, “I mean, they are — they are gloomy,” he added, eliciting loud laughter from crowd. “They’re like Grumpy Cat.”

He even made a Grumpy Cat face.

grumpy cat

Republicans are skeptics about climate change according to Mr. Optimist and said their statements are “crazy.” Amazing how he can criticize Republicans for sounding negative and then sound extremely negative himself.

“You’ve gotta feel bad for the fact-checkers for the Republicans,” Obama said at one point, “’cause they’ve got to spend hours trying to keep up with some of the crazy stuff that their candidates are claiming.”

Republicans are crazy and negative but his nasty rhetoric is to be ignored.


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