Obama Pushes Food Stamp Dependency on Hispanic Immigrants


The Mexican government has been distributing information about the U.S. food stamp program through its embassy and dozens of consular offices, a partnership that Senator Jeff Sessions says is the latest example of an “aggressive” push to “expand enrollment regardless of need,” reports FoxNews

Sessions was previously alerted to the problem when the USDA began a TV series in Spanish to push Hispanics into enrolling in the program. The USDA ended their aggressive TV campaign when this was made public but I don’t doubt this is a sign of things to come if Obama is re-elected and becomes “more flexible.”

The program began in 2004 under George W. Bush but recently it was stepped up quite aggressively to go beyond welfare assistance. President Obama has a way of morphing Bush programs into a blooming disaster.

The USDA insists they are educating people as they have been instructed to do by Congress.

Sessions, who has been communicating with the USDA in writing, said that Hispanic households in particular have been targeted and the mission of the food stamp program (SNAP, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) is to put people on the government dole instead of emphasizing self-reliance.

I think it is very possible that he thinks it will get him votes in the Hispanic community.

Immigrants come to this country for the American Dream. They work hard to make a better life for themselves and their family. This President wants to obliterate their individual initiative and make them part of the collective.

While illegal immigrants are not eligible for SNAP, there is a loophole in the program that allows other members of their household to obtain assistance.

This post is a follow up to an earlier post on the HOPE program. Read about it here.

Media Matters is still insisting that food stamps and unemployment stimulate the economy. They really believe that the government, which has no money of its own,  has the right to steal peoples’ money and redistribute it.



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