Obama Reaches an Idiotic Understanding with China’s President


President Xi

Barack Obama welcomed Chinese president Xi Jinping for the first time this past week and his biggest achievement was making him shake hands continuously for photo ops. Xi ran rings around him and had answers to everything Obama tried to put out..

shaking hands

Chinese president, Xi Jinping promised to avoid “knowingly” spying on US companies and Obama said he mentioned “sanctions” against Chinese entities the US suspects of carrying out a series of attacks that have enraged American politicians and businesses.

Xi told him not to “politicize” by mentioning sanctions.

Obama said, “President Xi indicated to me that with 1.3 billion people he can’t guarantee the behavior of every single person on Chinese soil. I understand that. What I can guarantee, though, and what I am hoping that President Xi will show me is that we are not sponsoring these activities and that … we take it seriously and will cooperate to enforce the law.”

He understands? He is so understanding of our enemies but has no understanding when it comes to half the people in his own country.

Obama’s so weak that lily-livered doesn’t begin to cover it.

He claims the U.S. and China have reached an agreement.

“It has to stop,” Obama whined pathetically to reporters at a joint news conference in the White House Rose Garden, with Xi standing beside him. Obama said he and Xi made “significant progress” on cyber security.

The only problem is he refused to discuss the types of actions he will take if China doesn’t hold up its end of the bargain. Xi ran rings around him and had a response for everything he put out.

All Obama cared about was getting a meager climate agreement out of Xi and he’s ignoring China’s military buildup and their theft of intellectual property.

Business leaders must be very disappointed when he performs as he does.

The Chinese are stealing our intellectual property and hacking our government institutions and businesses. We are doing nothing about it.

Section 337 action before the International Trade Commission could be used to shut down Chinese businesses. Their banks could be shuttered for money laundering. Chinese companies that want to go public should be reviewed for having ripped off U.S. intellectual property before they are allowed to go public.

None of this was discussed.

There needs to be immediate and painful consequences every time they hack but we will not do that. We will do nothing. We have Chinese warships spotted off Alaska and Obama said nothing. They could pull into New York harbor, say they were just there to dine in Chinatown, and Obama would pay for the dinner.

Barack Obama in November 2014
Barack Obama in November 2014


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