Obama Says ISIS Risk Is Only Tangential


What ISIS intends is not “tangential” to U.S. interests as Mr. Obama would have us believe. He was wrong about Russia, Syria, Iran, Libya, Gaza, Egypt, the status of forces agreement, Al Qaeda on the run, and he’s wrong now.

He said this at last Friday’s presser about ISIS [as he refuses to do a thing]: “I mean, the fact of the matter is that in all these crises that have been mentioned, there may be some tangential risks to the United States. In some cases, as in Iraq and ISIS, those are dangers that have to be addressed right now. And we have to take them very seriously. But for the most part, these are not—you know, the rockets aren’t being fired into the United States. The reason we are concerned is because we recognize we got some special responsibilities. ”

We don’t need to go to war but we do need to stop them with air power and by aligning with the Kurds, who, alarmingly, are losing ground. They just lost control of the largest dam in Iraq which could be used by ISIS to threaten hundreds of thousands of lives.

The warning signs are there and he’s oblivious.

Obama, mad as hell

Barack Obama, Mr. Wrong

Listen to this clip from an upcoming documentary about ISIS:



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