Obama Snipes At Christians During The Prayer Breakfast



President Obama sneered while expressing concerns about ‘less-than-loving expressions by Christians’at the prayer breakfast Tuesday morning. It drew laughter from the mixed crowd.

He didn’t say he was concerned about the ‘less-than-loving’ Al Shabaab terrorists in the aftermath of the massacre in Kenya where 148 college students were slaughtered because they were Christians.

His statement at the time of the slaughter completely left out any reference to radical Islam  and Christian victims.

His prayer breakfast remarks aimed at Christians:

He isn’t bothered by the Ayatollahs chanting “Death to America” or “Death to Israel”.

Barack Obama used his recent Happy Nowruz speech to Iran as a forum to complain about some Americans and Israelis, claiming they don’t want a diplomatic solution to the Iran crisis.

At least he pulled it back and didn’t talk about evil Christian crusaders.

Most of the speech at the prayer breakfast dealt with Civil Rights, discrimination, and marginalized people. He quoted from scripture and sounded like a toffee-nosed preacher. Perhaps he sees himself as a modern-day Jesus.

He said “he has to do better” and on that we can agree.