Obama Surrendered U.S. Dominance in the Western Hemisphere and Invited the Enemy In


Russia, a major world power, has just taken over an large swath of land in the sovereign nation of Ukraine. Vladimir Putin will take over the rest of Ukraine and then head for Southern Asia or the Baltics. This is the leader Mr. Obama has openly invited into the Western Hemisphere by ending the policy established by the Monroe Doctrine.

Vladimir Putin today signed the bills that will formerly annex Crimea. He is amassing troops along the border with Ukraine and evidently plans to invade. Neighboring countries wonder who will be next. Putin has said that the dismantling of the Soviet Union was illegal and he believes it.

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour: “I think that Crimea is the opening game,” he said. “It is not that President Putin is primarily interested in Crimea. He is interested in Ukraine.”

I would take this one step further and say that Ukraine is the opening game.

Russia, Iran and Syria have created an Axis of Evil throughout the Middle East while President Obama turned Syria over to Assad. The promised destruction of WMD’s by Syria has been all but abandoned.

Despite this, Mr. Obama is trying to make deals with Iran that allows them to be within weeks of becoming a nuclear power. In January of this year, Secretary of State John Kerry floated the idea that Iran should take part in Syria talks aimed at ending the terrorism in Syria even though Iran is sponsoring terrorism in Syria.

It doesn’t get much more myopic than that.

President Obama ignores our allies including Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Egypt just turned to Russia for an arms deal thanks to Obama’s poor handling of the situation in Egypt and because of his unapologetic support for their former dictator Mohammed Morsi.  Mr. Obama doesn’t seem to know who the enemies are.

There is no question Iran’s influence in Cuba and now Venezuela is strong. Russia has begun to saber rattle throughout the region.

Without announcing their presence, they sent a warship to Cuba in February of this year. Last February, Russia circled a US military base in Guam and simulated a nuclear attack. They did the same thing in 2007.  In 2012, a Russian submarine went undetected in the Gulf of Mexico for months.

The United States continues to act as if Russia should behave differently based on Mr. Obama’s rhetoric. He thinks that a war of words can work against brutal dictators. Mr. Obama often says that Russia has to stop acting as if it is the 20th century and, most remarkably, he says it as if it makes sense to say it.

Mr. Obama ignores Venezuela while their President, Nicolas Maduro, is using his military, legislative, and judicial power, acquired after 15 years of socialist rule, to form a communist dictatorship that brutally suppresses its people. Maduro is throwing dissidents and pro-government lawmakers in jail and is blaming the United States for all of it.

Venezuela is a narco-terrorist state that is bolstered by Iranian forces and Colombian drug cartels.

Another event that went by virtually unnoticed was the election in El Salvador. The President won re-election and he too is funded and supported by Colombian cocaine cartels. They provide a direct drug route to Mexico and the United States.

The South and Central American dictators were given the go-ahead to invite the world’s terrorists into their countries and our backyard last year when John Kerry announced the death of the Monroe Doctrine.

Last November, Secretary of State John Kerry on behalf of President Obama told the Organization for American States (OAS) that “the era of the Monroe Doctrine is over.”

The message sent was that Mr. Obama is retreating from Latin America as he has retreated throughout the world. After all, we are not exceptional. We are exceptional as all the world’s dictatorships are exceptional.

In his speech, Kerry said the doctrine is a United States declaration about how and when it will intervene in affairs of other American states.” Kerry was completely inaccurate when he made that absurd statement.

The day of his speech marked the 190th anniversary of this declaration by President James Monroe that warned the European powers to stay out of the Western Hemisphere or face U.S. wrath.

The doctrine is or was a United States policy introduced on December 2, 1823 which said that further efforts by European governments to colonize land or interfere with states in the Americas would be viewed by the United States as acts of aggression requiring U.S. intervention.

The Monroe Doctrine has been invoked several times in our history, most recently in 1962 when the Soviet Union began to build missile-launching sites in Cuba. With the support of the OAS, President John F. Kennedy threw a naval and air quarantine around Cuba. The Soviet Union agreed to withdraw several days later after dismantling their sites.

It has been the backbone of our foreign policy.

China, Russia and Iran are expanding their influence around the world and, by renouncing the Monroe Doctrine, we sent a message to them that we are abandoning our policy of protecting our hemisphere.

With his usual good timing, Mr. Obama decided now is the time to gut our military. Our army will be slightly larger than Myanmar’s army when he’s done.  He is also destroying our nuclear weapons.




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