Obama Surrenders the United States


Barack Obama has surrendered the United States to the enemy in the name of diplomacy. There are countless examples this week alone from Yemen and nuke deals to Israel to a hijacked ship in The Strait of Hormuz.

The U.S. is considering asking Iran for help in Yemen. That’s not a joke. They want a diplomatic solution as Iran takes over the region including Yemen and threatens to destroy Saudi Arabia.

Obama has made the calculation that Iran – the greatest sponsor of terror in the world – in control of the region and assuming Super Power status is preferable to what we have now.

Last week, U.S. ambassador to the UN Samantha Power testified to Congress that Israel couldn’t rely on the U.S. to veto anti-Israel resolutions in the UN Security Council, but she tried to soften the blow by saying, “We have a record of standing when it matters with Israel.”

This week, Obama said he is Jewish in his soul. That’s not a joke either. Next week, he will be Iranian in his soul.

The stage is being set to abandon Israel as part of our promised policy shift in the Middle East.

A ship sailing through The Strait of Hormuz under a Marshall Islands flag was hijacked by Iran earlier this week.

Iran fired a shot across its bow. They now have the ship, it’s cargo and its crew of 24.

We are obligated by law to protect them.

During a press conference with the State Department spokesperson Jim Rathke, it became clear that Obama won’t recognize the seriousness of the event nor will he do a thing about it.

Reporter: What do you consider the Iranian act? Is it a – an act of piracy, act of violence?

Rathke: Again, I’m — this I think is underway. I’m not going to apply an adjective to it right now. We are following the situation very carefully, but I’m not going to…

Reporter: But do you condemn it?

Rathke: Well, again, we’re gathering more information. I don’t have further reaction at this point.

Col. Warren weakly called the Iranian gunfire “inappropriate.”

To top it all off, Reuters had a scoop that Iran is illegally seeking nuclear procurement. The State Department countered that the interim deal allows it. What doesn’t the interim deal allow?

Reuters rewrote the story to list examples of Iran violations that the West will not pass to the UN panel. The next two paragraphs are what is important as pointed out by Omri Ceren of The Israel Project.


Apart from the British notice and expressions of concern from some member states about continued Iranian procurement activities, the panel said it had received no new reports from U.N. member states of confirmed cases of non-compliance. But it said that could simply indicate that some states are refraining from reporting violations to avoid undermining the delicate nuclear talks…  

The panel noted multiple media reports of Iranian weapons shipments to Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Yemen as well as Hezbollah and Hamas militants in violation of a U.N. embargo — some of them quoting Iranian officials talking openly about arms shipments abroad. And yet, it said, not a single country reported those arms shipments to the Security Council’s Iran sanctions committee in line with standard procedure for suspected breaches.

One thing is clear, when Iran cheats after the nuke deal is finalized, the U.S. and the West will ignore it. They ignore bad behavior now for the sake of the trappings of a nuclear deal.

State Department spokesperson Marie Harf was questioned about it and claimed Washington knows that Iran is engaging in illicit procurement activities.

Washington regularly raises concerns over those activities, she said, and Iran cheating on its UNCS obligations doesn’t violate the JPOA.

That’s not very reassuring.

Will Congress stop any of this?

The Corker bill was passed to give them a say in the nuclear deal but they just altered the Constitutiom to pass a bill the Constitution covers. The nuclear deal is obviously a treaty which requires 67 votes to pass. The Corker bill fails to recognize that and surrenders the Senate’s constitutional prerogative to a bill giving them a simple majority vote instead of 67 votes.

Did you ever dream it would be this easy to surrender our nation to the enemy?



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