Obama tells Argentinians US Has “to acknowledge its role in human rights abuses”



President Obama, who supports dictators in Iran, Honduras, Turkey, Libya, Eastern Europe, Venezuela, Cuba, Africa, the last one in Egypt, Africa and so many other countries in the world, blamed human rights abuses in Argentina on the United States.

“The US must have the courage to acknowledge its role in human rights abuses,” the president said.


Argentina was going through coups and dictators every 1.7 years that had nothing to do with the US. They elected their own dictators.

Watch as he praises Jimmy Carter because we all know how effective he was:

The world is full of dictators and the UN is the dictators’ club which Obama strongly supports.

Who can forget Obama’s celebration of the African dictators and homophobes at his White House monster ball in 2014? They had shocking human rights abuses.

The world is full of dictators and it’s impossible to not support some of them. We’re surrounded by them.