Obama Tells Japanese Audience He Hopes to Create a “Million” Little Obamas


Former President Barack Obama explained to an audience in Japan on Sunday that he is looking to create a “million” new, little Obamas.

His speech was filled with his self-praise, words of wisdom, and subtle attacks on the current administration. He took full credit for the improved economy. Subtly, he took a dig at “protectionism”. The former president even bragged about the [meaningless] Chinese “commitment” to the Paris Accord, but his million Obamas was the one interesting statement he did make.

His Foundation, he said, is making the effort to develop a space on the Internet to better connect young people. What he wants to do with it is frightening.

“If I could do that effectively, then — you know — I would create a hundred or a thousand or a million young Barack Obamas or Michelle Obamas,” Obama said. “Or, the next group of people who could take that baton in that relay race that is human progress.”

During the discussion, he promoted the March for Our Lives [anti-Second Amendment] protests, led by high school figureheads [and funded by the far-left]. He also knocked “old men” in power [yeah, in the Democrat Party].

“A lot of our problems are caused by old men. No offense, men, who are old,” he quipped. The only word he left out was “white” but we know that’s what he meant.

The Marxist complained about the social media fake news and said he is looking for a more productive forum.

“One of the things we’re going to be spending time on, through the Foundation, is finding ways in which we can study this phenomenon of social media and the Internet to see are there ways in which we can bring people from different perspectives to start having a more civil debate and listen to each other more carefully,” Obama said.

In other words, he is going to develop his own Facebook to spread socialism throughout the world. He will do it with a million little Obamas created in his image and likeness.

The man travels the globe subtly undermining President Trump.

Try and stay awake through this speech below. He gives ‘boring’ a whole new meaning. Go to about 25:20 on the mark for the million Obamas.

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