Obama Tells Malaysians How to Stop Hurricanes, Typhoons, Oceans Rising, America’s ‘Pitfalls’


This week, Obama told youth in Malaysia during a townhall meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to avoid America’s so-called “pitfalls” and to pursue climate change or ‘you’ll see oceans rise…more drought, more flooding, bigger hurricanes, typhoons”.


Obama told young Malaysians that they should avoid the “pitfalls” of America, and after lying about our economy and criticizing the growing inequality he is helping to create, he said:

“…the people who are powerful can influence the political system to further reinforce their privilege, and it makes it harder for ordinary people to feel that they have influence on the political process.”

Those with “privilege” include the whites, the rich of which he is one, and anyone he disagrees with. He will have added about ten trillion to our debt by the time he leaves office, the Federal Reserve is protecting him with 0% interest rates, and he has put us on an unsustainable path to insolvency as a welfare state with a lot of unassimilated foreigners.

In the next comment from his speech, he gets his digs in about whites and riots being caused, not by the rioters, but by the privileged who made them riot. He’s hinting at Ferguson, Baltimore et al. It was interesting to hear him bloviate his experiences in Indonesia – very telling. He not only likes to conflate unlike events and draw moral equivalence to push his agenda, he is citing experiences in the country that most influenced his current ideology.

“I remember when I was growing up in Indonesia, every once in a while you would have riots against the Chinese Indonesians, even though they were part of the community. But somebody would start saying, “hey, those people, that’s a problem.” And you’d have stores burned down and people killed. And right now, in Myanmar, one of the big challenges that’s going to have to be addressed is how ethnic groups are treated. The Rohingya, in Myanmar right now, are treated differently, even though they’ve been living there for generations. But there are a lot of people, because they’re of a different religious faith, they say those aren’t real — they’re not really part of our country. Well, once you start going down that line, then that’s a dangerous thing. So that’s part of the biggest advice that I would give, is to watch out for that. If you look at what’s happening in the Middle East right now, those countries are in chaos, so many of them, because of this notion that somehow if somebody worships God differently than you, that they’re less than you. And people are slaughtered based on that idea. And the countries can’t grow. Businesses can’t start. So of all the things to guard against, I think that’s the biggest.”

He just loves diminishing traditional America worldwide which is why he talks about our so-called ‘pitfalls’.


He blathered on with his climate change gibberish. The oceans will get warmer, the ice in the Arctic begins to melt…you’ll see oceans rise…more drought, more flooding, bigger hurricanes, typhoons…”


It sounds like what he said when he was first elected.  He is dramatic!

He hasn’t given us the prosperity he claims, nor was “this the moment” when he gave “jobs to the jobless” and he “slowed the rise of the oceans” and the “planet began to heal”, but Obama did give us free Obamaphones!


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7 years ago

Obama needs to make all types of wars happen for the new world order. And guess what? Obamas just the guy post 911 new world order. Citizens around the globe are targeted. And let’s not forget. Haarp and nibiriu are causing environmental changes. Chemtrails are causing gene mutations and the ignorant will believe he’s a savior over all of these created events. The destroyer does that. The deceiver plays God