Obama Tells Police Chiefs to Not Listen to Conservative Media


Barack Obama did some anti-opposition media “nudging” at the annual International Conference of Police Chiefs in Chicago.

It’s not very appropriate for the President of the United States to demonize media outlets but Americans are getting used to it unfortunately. Whatever media he doesn’t control, he puts down. We should be concerned.

Here he tells people to not listen to or watch conservative dissenting opinions. He’s not trying to take our guns he claims. Why did he bring up Australian buybacks then? Why is Andrew Cuomo and the Washington Post talking gun confiscation? Why is Hillary talking about Australian buybacks and then pretending that is not what she meant?



  1. Why Communist dictators want to do it all? They are so insecure, they are reporters, comedians, and all to all, jajajja
    I am counting the days this mafia Muslim traitor leaves the White House, to see how much damage we can repair, because he has the ears of so many idiots.

    • He may leave the WH but he will never leave the country. There’s a lot more of him to come that we have not seen ———— and it will not be pretty.

  2. and on other issues like immigration-black lives matter and so many more, if it is not his outlook no one should listen or believe anything else!!! I get It

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