Obama Tells the Media What to Print



After a speech replete with misinformation which was given immediately after the mass shooting at an Oregon Community College, Barack Obama told the news media to tally up the number of Americans killed by terrorist attacks over the last decade and those killed by gun violence and post them side-by-side. He then said it wouldn’t be information coming from him, it would be coming from them.

Why don’t we just admit that the news media is the White House PR department? He’s not only telling them what to print, he’s pretending it will be coming from them as he tells them which two unlike entities to compare.

The press are the children and he’s Big Brother.

We’ve been hearing for the past seven years that the news media have been running stories past the White House for approval and the press has been presenting White House talking points as if they were factual news stories. We are told that the White House has a “nudge” department that is using behavioral sciences to “nudge” the public.

Obama’s narcissism and control freakiness knows no bounds. Now he’s the journalist-in-chief and the news media are all too eager to comply.

I think we will see that story in print very soon.




  1. What the press needs to tally up is the hundreds of thousands dead in the Middle East and Africa because of Obama’s Arab Spring and refusal to stop Al Quaeda, Boko Haram, Hezbollah and ISIS.

  2. The press could start by pointing out that virtually all of the mass shooters in the last 2 decades have been political leftists, Democrats, progressives, or Islamist jihadists. Maybe we need liberal control, not gun control.

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