Obama the Anti-Semite


It was on March 5, 2009 under orders from Obama that Hillary Clinton, acting in her capacity as Secretary of State, flew to Sharm el-Sheikh to hand Hamas $900 million of US taxpayer money. Supposedly given for humanitarian purposes, there were no safeguards to ensure this and most of the money may have gone to prepare for another war against Israel.

On April 13, 2012, another $147 million was given despite being vetoed by the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Again, there were no safeguards to keep the money from being used for military purposes.

March 2013 saw another $500 million, and November 2013 another $75 million, all without Congressional approval.

The question then becomes – why are we financing Hamas in this way? There is no possible rational reason for supplying these unregulated funds to a group of Palestinians who have as a goal the destruction of Israel.

The Western media is to blame as well. Look at the New York Times and its reporting on the last conflict between Hamas and Israel. Look at how the New York Times covered the deaths of Israelis compared with the Hamas deaths. Hamas hides missiles among the citizenry and then puts out propagandized pictures of the injured in the aftermath. The New York Times follows up by condemning Israel for killing civilians.

The New York Times is only a tiny part of the overall condemnation of Israel.

The Obama administration is incensed that Israel will not bow down to its wishes and will do whatever it can to diminish the sovereignty and freedom of the Jewish people. From Obama refusing to hear Netanyahu speak before Congess, to threatening to shoot down Israeli planes in 2014 over a planned Israeli  attack on Iran nuclear facilities [later denied by Obama], to imposing sanctions on Israel, to practically ignoring the Jewish Kosher deli in Paris, Obama has shown a level of anti-Semitism never before seen in an American President.

Obama has kept it hidden well but there have always been tell-tale signs beginning with Reverend Wright, the pastor of the church that Obama attended for 20 years and who claimed “Them Jews’ won’t let Obama talk to me”.

And let’s look at the first four years of Obama’s Presidency.

March 2009, the Obama administration joined the U.N. Human Rights Council (HRC), an anti-Semitic group. Obama even went further, by saying the HRC has shown excessive attention to Israel and neglected others.

In May 2009, Obama demanded Israel stop building settlements. Netanyahu agreed but the Palestinians refused. Obama then blamed Israel for the breakdown.

June 2009, Obama told the Arabs that Israel was only created because of the Holocaust, totally ignoring the historical basis for Israel.

In 2010, Obama threatened Israel and told the U.N. that Israeli settlements are not legitimate. Hillary Clinton reportedly screamed at Netanyahu for an hour on the phone. He refused to stop the Washington summit on nuclear weapons when it became a trash fest of Israel. And the State Department lists Jerusalem, the historical capital of Israel, as not part of Israel.

There is much more that could be listed, but the point I think is made. And what of the Palestinian? It was a Jewish revolt that caused Roman Emperor Hadrian to change the region’s name from Judea to Palestine. The original Palestine was “Philistia” and was Jewish.

So where does it go from here? My prediction is that Obama will no longer veto the “two-state” solution when it once again comes to the United Nations. I think he feels it will help the bad deal he is making with Iraq which I have no doubt they will violate.

Obama is already ignoring the buildup on Israel’s northern border and even during the last war with Gaza, they threatened to cut off the Hellfire missiles to Israel – missiles already paid for by Israel. Combine this with Obama having taken Iran and Hezbollah off the terror watch list, and it is clear that anti-Semitism is a large part of Obama’s temperament.

There are thousands of Arabs in Israel living their lives in relative prosperity. There were no repercussions when the Palestinians in Gaza launched thousands of rockets into Israel. None of the Arabs in Israel were hurt, none were accused of spying, none were treated any differently than before.

This last part of Obama’s term may be dangerous for Israel. With nothing to hold him back, will Obama work with the Islamic threat to further degrade, and perhaps destroy Israel? And if that happens, there are two truths that will be evident. it will start another worldwide war, and Obama will blame it on someone else.



John Velisek USN (Ret.)
Facebook: Facebook.com/onepatriotsopinion


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