Obama Thinks the Cuban Revolution Is Like the American Revolution


If you still have doubts about our president being a Marxist, doubt no more. He’s over in Cuba with his “optimistic” message in the wake of an extremely serious terror attack in Europe [ISIS has taken credit]. He painted the US as a racist nation and called for Marxist principles in the USA, dedicating only three lines to the terror attack in Brussels.

He believes terrorism is the USA’s fault, not the terrorists.

With the utmost in audacity, he compared the Cuban revolution that slaughtered thousands for the sake of communism to the American Revolution which was fought for freedom.

He said they were both liberation movements.

He urged the people to not tear down their communist system but to rise up with his form of democracy. He never uses the word “Republic” because he is talking about socialism. He made a reference to the fact that because of his form of democracy, we now have a socialist running for office.

“So here’s my message to the Cuban government and the Cuban people. The ideals that are the starting point for every revolution, America’s revolution, Cuba’s revolution, the liberation movements around the world, these ideals find their truest expression, I believe, in democracy. Not because American democracy is perfect, but because we’re not, and we like every country need the space that democracy gives us to change. It gives individuals the capacity to be catalysts, to think in new ways, and to reimagine who our society should be. And to make them better. And there’s already an evolution taking place inside of Cuba. A generational change. Many suggested that I come here and ask the people of Cuba to tear something down, but I’m appealing to the young people of Cuba who will lift something up, build something new.”

His speech kept getting worse. Obama said that both Cuba and the US were built by African slaves.

“We share the same blood. We both live in a new world, colonized by Europeans. Cuba, like the United States, was built in part by slaves brought here from Africa. Like the United States, the Cuban people can trace their heritage to both slaves and slave owners.

Three lines are dedicated to the terrorist attack.

“Thank you. Thank you very much. President Castro, the people of Cuba, thank you so much for the warm welcome that I have received, that my family have received and that our delegation has received. It is an extraordinary honor to be here today. Before I begin, please indulge me. I want to comment on the terrorist attacks that have taken place in Brussels. The thoughts and the prayers of the American people are with the people of Belgium, and we stand in solidarity with this in condemning the attacks against innocent people. We will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally, Belgium in bringing to justice those who are responsible, and this is yet another reminder that the world must unite. We must be together regardless of nationality or race or faith in fighting against the scourge of terrorism. We can and we will defeat those who threaten the safety and security of people all around.”

Then he said this:

“But just stop and consider this fact about the American campaign that’s taking place right now. You had two Cuban Americans in the Republican Party running against the legacy of a black man who was president while arguing that they’re the best person to be the democratic nominee who will either be a woman or a democratic socialist. Who would have believed that back in 1959? That’s a measure of our progress as a democracy.”

Progress is a socialist running?


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