Obama To Africans: US Mission Is to Sell Them Stuff


President Obama spoke at a Town Hall in South Africa on June 29, 2013. He told them that if you have high illiteracy and poor skills, you’re going to have problems. He believes childhood education beginning at age 0 in the US would make the difference for us.

During his re-eleciton campaign, he advertised his vision of government taking care of everyone from birth to death. Independent Sentinel re-created that vision and is reproducing it here for your perusal:

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Yes, brainwashing children from age 0 in a government facility would make a difference. Have you read Brave New World? Maybe it’s time.

The “so-called War on Terror” has changed, Obama told his South African audience, it has metastasized into smaller groups like Boko Haraam who do great harm. [Who is he kidding, those smaller groups are all the same people. They are all radical Islamic terrorists. Obama can’t say those words.]

The “so-called War on Terror,” as Obama calls it, is a problem for everybody. His strong belief is terrorism will emerge and  take root where “countries are not delivering for their people” and where there are “sources of conflict and underlying frustrations” that have not be adequately dealt with as in Somalia.


In the photo above, a pipeline has just been exploded by al-Qai’da. If only they had peacekeepers training them to deal with their “frustrations” since their country didn’t deliver for them, this would not have happened.

Obama says, build strong institutions and that becomes a defense mechanism against terror [as long as that institution includes arms, bombs, and prisons, we agree]

Obama said he doesn’t start with military defense He said people need opportunity and democracy . [Yep, that’ll do it. If they don’t want it, start at age 0 when they are hopelessly defenseless. It’s all about big government]

Some terror groups will still be a problem, Obama admitted. World leaders have to get together and look at it, he concludes. Democratic institutions aren’t reaching out far enough into the country and they are the  most important defense against terror, he insists.

Obama said he does not start with the military, he uses the democratic process. [His biggest concern with the military is to make certain no non-Muslim soldiers are praying in public.]

The answer to the “so-called war on terror,” he believes is to send in peacekeepers, training, and maybe even equipment before terror takes hold.

Boko Haraam, he says, uses a religious rationale for this kind of violence. [They all do Mr. President]

In conclusion, he said the US wants to sell Africans iPads and planes to solve their problems. Our mission is now to sell them stuff.

Check it out. Boko Haraam in Mali is the fault of the government – democratic processes didn’t reach out far enough and frustrated them. They need big government that reaches its tentacles everywhere:

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