Obama Touts His Accomplishments Before Farewell Address Touting His Accomplishments


During his weekly address, Barack Obama touted his achievements — America’s “a stronger, better place”.

“Since the days of George Washington, presidents have delivered some form of final message while in office – a farewell address to the American people,” he said. He will deliver his speech from Chicago, his hometown and the murder capital of the nation.

The departing president saved the economy, created jobs, and put 20 million people on healthcare, according to him. None of that is accurate but he is delusional after all.

“Together, we’ve turned an economy that was shrinking and losing jobs into one that’s growing and creating jobs, with poverty falling, incomes rising, and wages that have jumped faster over the past few years than at any time in the past four decades,” he said.

“Together, we’ve achieved what eluded politicians of both parties for a century – we’ve moved 20 million more Americans from uninsured to insured, ended the days of discrimination against the up to half of Americans who have a preexisting condition, and secured new rights and protections for everybody with health insurance.”

Facts never get in the way of this president.

It’s more like 13 million on healthcare. He moved people off their insurance on to Medicaid and gave Medicaid to people who were always eligible but didn’t know it. Most of the increased participation was to Medicaid.

The jobs he created were mostly contract labor and he is the first president since Hoover to never see 3% GDP. Obama oversaw the downgrading of the U.S. credit rating for the first time in U.S. history.

Salaries have been stagnant throughout most of his presidency and poverty increased a full 2%.

We would be remiss if we failed to mention that $10 trillion in debt he piled on with nothing to show for it. He’s done a job on the police and helped ISIS become a powerhouse. He took the “tiny country” of terrorist Iran and made it into a world power.

His loyal fans believe him — that’s scary, terrifying in fact. People waited for hours in the snow to get tickets to hear his Farewell Address.

Look at what this silly person did.

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