Obama Will Troll President Trump While He Is in Europe


Barack Obama will take the idea of a shadow government to a new level by traveling to Germany on May 25th, the same day Donald Trump is due in Brussels for a meeting of NATO leaders.

It’s Obama’s first trip to Europe since leaving office.  He’s going to celebratory events organized for the 500th anniversary of the Protestant church which is ironic since he’s a fairly nasty critic of Christians.

Obama is popular in Germany and what he is doing will undermine Trump and help his leftist friend Angela Merkel win re-eelction for the 4th time.

The two leftists are going to discuss, “Actively shaping Democracy – taking responsibility at home and abroad”. They will speak in front of the Brandenburg Gate, a symbolic gesture. It is the site of President Reagan’s speech that ended the Cold War. It is where he told the Soviets to “tear down this wall”.

In 2008, Merkel didn’t let Obama speak in front of the Gate because it looked like electioneering but she’s using it to electioneer.

Obama was invited by the bishop of Bavaria Heinrich Bedford-Strohm. No doubt Merkel encouraged it.

Obama isn’t accepting this invitation because he’s a fan of Christians.

Christina Aus der Au, president of the Protestant Church Days which is organizing the event, said, “President Obama and chancellor Merkel have said that their dedication as politicians is also an expression of their Christian faith…it will be really interesting to hear what the two of them say to us Christians in Europe.”

On May 26, Obama will visit Edinburgh where he will address philanthropy and business leaders at a dinner at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre.

President Trump is due to make his first official visit to Germany in July for the meeting of G20 leaders in Hamburg.

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