Obama Administration: Employees of Al Qaeda Aren’t Al Qaeda


The NY Times and the White House are embarrassingly wrong when they claim that the Benghazi attack in which four Americans were killed showed no signs of Al Qaida.

The group orchestrating the attack was merely an unattached, unofficial, rogue affiliate according to the White House.

That appears to be completely false.

Listen to this brief clip:

A new report exposes a strong al Qaeda link with the full involvement of no less than Usama bin Laden’s bodyguard who was released from GITMO in September 2007.  The bodyguard, Sufian bin Qumu, and his group,  Ansar Al-Sharia, are being designated as “foreign terrorist entities” over their apparent role in the Benghazi terror attack according to last night’s Special Report with Bret Baer.


Ansaria al Sharia waving al Qaeda flagAnsaria al-Shariah, a so-called al Qaeda ‘affiliate’, are seen in this photo waving the al Qaeda flag. They will soon be listed as a terrorist group, more than a year after they brutally murdered four Americans in a Libyan consulate.


The White House is trying to narrowly define al Qaeda as a core group in Pakistan and said, “There’s no indication at this point that core Al Qaeda was involved or planned these attacks,” spokeswoman Jen Psaki said. “And these are not official affiliates of Al Qaeda.”

Sixteen months ago, Fox’s Bret Baer identified bin Qumu as a suspect in the consulate attack.

Three months ago, Fox’s chief intelligence correspondent, Catherine Herridge, reported that bin Qumu was in Benghazi on the day of the Sep. 11, 2012 attack. He is not only a former Usama bin Laden bodyguard and a courier but he has historic ties to the Al Qaeda network, at one time training at Usama bin Laden’s Torkham camp.

“Intelligence officials subsequently learned that his alias was on the laptop of the 9/11 financier,” said Tom Joscelyn, a senior fellow with Foundation for Defense of Democracies who co-authored the report with Stephen Hayes of The Weekly Standard.

“And bin Qumu was identified as an Al Qaeda member who was receiving a monthly stipend for his family, “ Joscelyn said.

“He (bin Qumu) was important enough to Al Qaeda to record his monthly stipend on a 9/11 financier’s laptop, which should tell you something about his place within the Al Qaeda sphere,” according to Joscelyn’s extensive reporting.

Rep. Mike Rogers said it’s wrong and naïve to not label these terrorists as al Qaeda. “You have all of this body of evidence including some 4,000 classified cables leading up to the event, during the event, after the event, that clearly identify Al Qaeda affiliates as being involved in the attacks.”

Failure to recognize the enemy by no less than the White House endangers all Americans.

Psaki was asked what it takes to be called al Qaeda when she claimed that the Benghazi attackers, Ansaria al-Sharia, were not official al Qaeda. You can hear the absurdity of the White House’s position in this humorous exchange:

The White House also lied about the Benghazi consulate being a temporary mission. Senator Lindsey Graham said the survivor told him that after an IED attack in June 2012, a new, one- year lease was renewed for two villas.

“Why did the accountability review board fail to find this out?” asked Graham. “Who is in charge at the State Department? What kind of operation are they running, where you will renew a lease on a compound that, according to the people in Libya, was a death trap?”


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