Obama Used a Never Trumper Spy/Informant


Stefan Halper was used by the leftist Obama administration but he is no leftist. He is a tool of the fake conservative never Trumpers. They are a disgrace.

The Washington Post covered Halper’s career in an article posted on Tuesday.

The professor’s career included positions in the White House as a domestic policy adviser for President Nixon and the chief of staff for President Ford, according to the Post.

Halper also reportedly served as a deputy assistant secretary of State in the Reagan administration. Halper and other aides were accused of spying on Jimmy Carter’s campaign after Ronald Reagan was elected president in 1980, according to the Post, which added that the aides denied the accusations.

Halper’s addition to the Trump campaign came after the FBI had allegedly obtained evidence that there were members of Trump’s team who may have had some questionable contact with Russian operatives.

We already heard about Paul Manfort and Carter Page. The Papdopoulos event was AFTER the probe began. If they used the dossier, that was a fraud, put together by the Clinton team.

The excuse given by James Clapper for the spying was to protect us from Russians.

If the government knew, why didn’t they warn Trump and why didn’t they protect Hillary with one of these protective spies.

Hillary was the ine who was hacked.

Halper was an experienced operative.

Cambridge University told the newspaper that Halper taught international affairs and American studies until 2015 and drew on his extensive government contacts to host intelligence officials for seminars with students.

The Cambridge professor attempted to spy on the Carter campaign but was caught. This spying appears to have started as far back as a CIA under H.W. Bush.

The FBI and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein said they were worried Halper’s name would be leaked and his life would be im danger. That is a lie. They wanted to pin the leak on Devin Nunes.

The media leaked all the details and then his name and there is no reason to believe his life is in danger.  Unless they are suggesting Trump would have him killed. They are moronic enough to say it. What they were really worried about was being exposed.

Halper never embedded in the capaign but that wasn’t for lack of trying and there are others soon to be outed. That is according to former Trump campaign aide Mike Caputo.

Never Trumpers are despicable. Trump is all that stands between Americans and communism.

Warch Mr. Caputo:

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