Obama Vaporizes Osama bin Laden in New Film


National Geographic had a big night Sunday night – 4.7 million turned in to see the propaganda film “SEAL Team Six: The Raid for Osama bin Laden” on the National Geographic Channel Sunday night. NG can now happily say they have joined all the other networks, except Fox, as state-sponsored television.

People had the opportunity to see our president glorified for practically running the bin Laden raid single-handedly. You’d hardly know the SEALs were in the lead.

At the same time that we have the airing of this propaganda film, we now know that Obama left our people at the Libyan consulate without security. The building itself did not meet security specifications. When Obama heard about the attack, he appears to have left them to die. He won’t answer questions so we are left to make our own assumptions based on the facts.

Some of the 4.7 million who watched the phony film must have been Jihadists since they’ve been threatening NG for days and they had to step up security as a result.

Why did we demonize Nakoula, the producer of the notorious film trailer, and not demonize Weinstein who made a film glorifying the killing of the Jihadist hero? Isn’t this insulting to the Muslim religion as well?


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