Obama Wants to Be the Only Leaker of Classified Information


Obama out of touch

President Obama and DOJ Holder are so concerned about secrets being leaked that they felt the need to seize phone records from the AP and label a reporter, James Rosen, a criminal, to get his phone records.

Little is being said about Obama’s selective release of secrets and there are many.

In April 2012, IS writer Harvey Miller wrote a short piece about Obama sharing our defense secrets with the Russians. You can read it here for background information.

Asking for nothing from the Russians in return, Obama declared in mid-March 2012 that he would “…provide the Russians with detailed technical information about the anti-missile systems he plans to base in Eastern Europe…”

President Obama –

  • Has refused to keep secret the technical data on the U.S Standard Missile-3, as called for in the 2012 defense authorization bill.
  • Obama will not pledge to keep American missile technology from China, North Korea and Iran, as it would “…interfere with [his] constitutional authority to conduct foreign affairs…”
  • Obama will provide Russia information on every Trident missile supplied to Great Britain as part of an arms control deal signed with Russian President Medvedev.
  • Leaked cables show that the US will now provide Russia with ALL serial numbers of Trident missiles transferred to Britain.

The House Republicans became deeply concerned after they heard Obama’s hot mic conversation with Medvedev in which he said he’d have more flexibility after the election. Obama was speaking about missile defense at the time.

The Republicans passed a bill in the House that would have prevented President Obama from revealing secret information to the Russians but it went no further.

We needed a bill to keep our President from betraying our state secrets to the ally that hates us – Russia.

via The Hill

…”In light of recent statements by President Obama that he wanted ‘more space’ from the Russians in regards to missile defense, and his statement that he would ‘have more flexibility’ on this issue after the elections, I am concerned… that the United States’s critical hit-to-kill and other valuable missile defense technology may become pawns in a political chess game of appeasement with the Russians,” Brooks (Rep. Mo Brooks R-Ala) said.

Brooks also said the United States should be especially wary of sharing anything with Russia, in light of comments from Russia’s military threatening the nation if it participates in a missile defense system in Europe.

“If Russia’s defense staff is wiling to blatantly threaten the United States, why should the United States hand them the keys to technology that gives America’s war fighter a decided advantage?” he asked…

As of May 2013, the Pentagon was holding talks to declassify sensitive missile defense technology so they can share it with Russia. Obama thinks this will make Putin more comfortable in his opposition to European defenses. It is part of Obama’s policy of appeasement.

Republicans in both the House and Senate plan to block any technology declassification for missile defense technology in the current defense authorization bill and other legislation. Legislative mark up on the authorization bill began mid-May. [free beacon]

Giving Russians classified data undermines our effectiveness to say nothing of the $100 billion the US taxpayer has spent developing it since the 1980’s.

It is also very ironic that these leaks come from the man who is worried about minor leaks of unimportant information while claiming they are serious leaks. In the AP case, the president said he was going to publicly speak about the information “leaked” by the AP. In the case of James Rosen, it was trivial information that anyone could have guessed correctly.


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