Obama Will Apologize for Prophet Film Before the Marxist U.N.


One might have expected our president to stand up for our free speech and for the U.S. citizen who made a moronic film within the parameters of free speech, especially when radicals called for the death of the filmmaker.

Egyptian President and Theocrat, Mohammed Morsi, called for the arrest of U.S. citizens, including the filmmaker and a pastor who stuck up for him. Still no support for our constitutional rights from President Obama, only apologies.

Worse yet, President Obama took the unprecedented step of purchasing air time on Pakistani TV to apologize for the film which precipitated riots throughout Pakistan. In fact, our “allies” in the Pakistani government gave people the day off, calling it a holiday in support of The Prophet.

The riots did not deter President Obama. His reaction has grown more preposterous and do not reflect the reasonable reactions of a president of a free nation.

Now he is going to the Marxist U.N. to apologize and denounce the filmmaker again.

When President Obama told Medvedev that he can do more after his last election because he will “have more flexibility,”  what did you think he meant? He is telling this to a communist who will relay it to a communist dictator, keeping it, he thought, from the American people. Can you imagine what we haven’t heard?

This president is going to go to a Marxist organization which includes countries like Iran and Cuba, and he is going to apologize for our free speech. Furthermore, he is serving as judge, jury, and executioner of the filmmaker without giving him the benefit of due process or a trial. He is putting the man’s life in further danger.

This will send a chilling effect on our first amendment which is the president’s intention. He is not a stupid man.

Check out the Politico piece alerting us to the text of Obama’s U.N. speech:

via Politico [Emboldened phrase is my doing]

National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor previews the president’s speech to the UN General Assembly next week:

“UNGA always provides an opportunity for the President to put the international situation in context, and to put forward a vision of US leadership. I would certainly expect the President to address the recent unrest in the Muslim world, and the broader context of the democratic transitions in the Arab World.”

More after the jump:

“As he has in recent days, the President will make it clear that we reject the views in this video, while also underscoring that violence is never acceptable – a message that has been echoed by the leaders he has personally reached out to in places like Libya, Egypt and Yemen. He will also send a clear message that the United States will never retreat from the world; will bring justice to those who harm Americans; and will stand strongly for our democratic values abroad.

President Obama is going to build on his lies by framing the worldwide anti-American riots as a transition phase.

During the speech, President Obama is going to further his false narrative that Al-Qaeda is defeated. The media is not reporting on many of the riots taking place throughout the world. The media is lying and saying that the riots are mostly peaceful protests and that there aren’t many involved. None of that is true. Mainstream media has been corrupted and Obama’s failed foreign policy is being propped up by their deceits.

Obama will say Iran will not be allowed to get the bomb when in fact he is doing nothing to stop them. He won’t even meet with Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Does anyone doubt that Obama will release the Blind Sheikh after the election?

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