Obama Will Begin Peace Talks with Iran as They Enrich Uranium



Mass murderer, Hasan Rowhani

Update: Hasan Rowhani wouldn’t even meet with Mr. Obama and shake hands. We look so pitiful. Sad.


President Obama gave a speech before the UN Tuesday beginning with the usual self-congratulatory remarks: It was he who eradicated al-Qaeda – now they are merely splintered groups; he came up with the idea for an anti-proliferation agreement with Syria; and the world is a safer place than it was before he was in office. He also admonished Russia and Syria.

None of that is not the real story. The real story is that he has adopted the Palestinian argument on the West Bank and he will allow sham negotiations to keep us from strengthening sanctions on Iran.

Mr. Obama will let Iran get the bomb.

He said today that John Kerry will seek a nuclear peace treaty with Iran. That will in effect give Iran the go-ahead on their nuclear enrichment program as we all waste time in negotiations only meant to delay.

Iran has no intention of giving up their efforts at developing a bomb but they do want the sanctions lifted and certainly not worsened, which Senators have recently proposed.

Sanctions on the Soviet Union helped implode their economy and that is what Iran wants to forestall.

North Korea used the facade of negotiations to buy themselves time to enrich uranium to weapons grade. They have been a menace ever since.

Rowhani has already bragged about tricking the West into believing Iran was trying to achieve a nuclear peace treaty when it was in fact developing a nuclear program.

Rowhani will use the negotiations under John Kerry in the same way. Incidentally, Obama hasn’t even tried to secure the release of US prisoners in Iranian jails in the way of a conciliatory offering.

Obama talked about the occupation of the West Bank during his speech and it is clear he has adopted the Palestinian position in any Palestine-Israel talks. He repeatedly drew moral equivalence between the violence inflicted by Palestinians and Israel’s building of apartments in Jerusalem.

Netanyahu is on his own.

Mr. Obama mentioned the attacks in Africa, but he made no mention of radical Islam or the massacre of Christians and Jews. He still refuses to recognize the threat for what it is.

Former Mayor, Rudy Giuliani on Obama’s stance on Iran:

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