Obama Will Blabber About Climate Change in Florida As Ramadi Falls to Terrorists



The U.S. has refused to send in ground-air traffic controllers which are needed to properly target ISIS. Without them, the planes can’t hit targets. The fight for Ramadi and Iraq is being left to the other terrorists in this fight – Iran.

Hezbollah Brigades, a Shiite and Iranian-backed terrorist group, is sending fighters to Ramadi to fight off ISIS.

Ramadi was a hard-won city during the Iraq surge. Most of the military who died during the war, died in Ramadi. It’s a key city though Obama mouthpiece General Martin Dempsey is incorrectly stating it’s unimportant and can be won back at a later date.

Iran is fighting to take control of Iraq and Ramadi. It is important on many levels for Sunnis who are at war with the Shiites.

The fighters are under the leadership of Jamal Jaafar Mohammed who is an advisor to Qassem Soleimani, the commander of the Qods Force, the external operations wing of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

They were responsible for killing and maiming hundreds of the U.S. military which they routinely publicize.

They commit war crimes after ejecting ISIS throughout Iraq according to Human Rights Watch. They do exactly what ISIS does and we are supporting them with air cover.

Iraq’s most elite units and militia members massacre civilians, torture and execute prisoners, display severed heads which are shown in videos and still photos posted on websites. They will do the same to those left in Ramadi if ISIS doesn’t get them first while Obama is railing against Republicans in Florida over climate change.

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The first page of their website boasts videos of attacks on U.S. forces. One is of a brutal ambush of U.S. forces that cost lives.

While this tragedy is unfolding, President Barack Obama announced that he will travel to the Florida Everglades on Wednesday – Earth Day – to talk about what he thinks is the real problem – climate change.

“Around the world,” he says, “it was the warmest ever recorded.”

In geological times, that’s not very long. It is a warming period, we can give Barack that, but it’s not the immediate danger we see from ISIS and Iran.


He is traveling to the Everglades to attack his Republican opponents in Florida. Governor Rick Scott, a Republican, has purportedly told state officials to not use the term climate change. Sen. Marco Rubio, a presidential candidate, voted against an amendment that stated “human activity significantly contributes” to climate change.

In fact, there is not proof that it does. Barack Obama is using climate change to promote his ideology and his party which he has brought to the far-left.

Ironically, Earth Day was co-founded by a deranged murderer, Ira Einhorn.

Obama’s goal is to make the U.S. into a one-party nation and nothing matters but that, certainly not Ramadi, and not even climate change, which is a tool of his trade.

Sources: The Long War Journal and The Week