Obama Will Continue Aid to Egyptian Military


Tahrir Square 12 hours ago

Photo of Tahrir Square 12 hours ago

President Obama announced today that he will not cut aid to the Egyptian military because it would not be in the best interests of the United States.

The military is the only stable force in the country.

It is the right decision but the administration circumvented the law and should seek congressional approval.

The State Department called on the Egyptian army to exercise maximum restraint after yesterday’s incident in which the army allegedly fired into a crowd of pro-Morsi protestors who marched on the guard headquarters where they believe Morsi is being held. The army, for their part, said they were defending the building after radicals fired into the crowd, but they are losing patience.

The Muslim Brotherhood is committed to extremism and martyrdom. They want to provoke the military and appear to have little interest in resolving differences. They are provoking a civil war.

Both pro-Morsi and anti-Morsi protesters are angry with the US. The US has mishandled the situation by leading from behind. Neither side is clear on where Obama stands. He supported the dictator Morsi and appeared to have continued supporting him throughout this crisis, according to anti-Morsi forces. The pro-Morsi forces believe Obama has abandoned Morsi.

Obama voted “present” on Egypt so no one really knows where he stands at this point, though continuing aid is a very good sign.

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