Obama Will Dictate Economic Changes for Our Own Good


onapoleon photo of Obama Bonaparte

Our Emperor, Obama Bonaparte, intends to inflict more damage to the economy via executive orders so he can circumvent any controls by Congress.

His motive in taking over in a dictatorial way is to avoid gridlock as he helps the middle class much as he has in the last 5 years. Jay Carney said the new executive orders will be unleashed any day now for the peons to see.

Some good guesses as to what the EO’s will look like include mandatory pre-K paid for by the bankrupt government, a higher minimum wage to put more small businesses out of business, and taxes on “sinful” habits such as smoking and eating anything that tastes good.

Obama will once again circumvent Congress to spend and tax on new initiatives the majority of the American public do not want and cannot afford as he advances towards the Open Soros Society, a world without capitalism and borders, but lots of rich people like Soros who tell the peons what they can or cannot do.


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