Obama Will Legalize Millions After the Election Because You’re Stupid


On Friday, President Obama held a news conference after the NATO Summit. He informed the world that he will definitely violate the Constitution after the election by legalizing an unknown number of people here illegally, perhaps 5 or 6 million. If that’s not an invitation, I don’t know what is.

He originally promised that, by summer, he would legalize as many as 6 million, not counting the family members who will extend that number far beyond 5-6 million because of the chain migration meant to keep families together. His self-imposed delay is to not damage election prospects of congressmen up for reelection. He believes Americans are too stupid to understand the implications if they don’t actually see it.

Mr. Obama has repeatedly claimed that this amnesty will legalize people who have been here for years but it will – in fact – affect people storming our borders presently. You should know he is also not deporting anyone.

Obama did the same thing with Obamacare. He’s changed the start dates of the most expensive and unpleasant provisions until after the 2015 and 2016 elections so people won’t know how bad it is.

During his speech from Wales, Mr. Obama said not legalizing the people here illegally was hurting the economy. However, more than 57% of people here illegally now are receiving government benefits. That hardly makes the case for an economic revival if we legalize them and make them eligible for more taxpayer-funded benefits, especially since the people we are getting since he opened the borders are poor, uneducated, gangbangers, drug dealers, and a terrorist here-and-there.

Obama warned congressional Republicans they must come up with an immigration plan or he’d do what he had to do – act lawlessly and in complete disregard for our sovereignty – after the election.

No nation allows and in fact encourages illegal immigration but we do.

We are being sold a silk purse made of a sow’s ear.

Violating the Constitution which he has sworn to follow is routine and it is being applauded by the Democrats in congress. Our open borders, which threaten our national security and our economy, are being applauded by our Democratic congress. Radical leftists and illegal immigrants protesting and rioting are being applauded by this administration as they rampage through congressional offices.

Watch the clip from Mr. Obama’s speech:

In this video, watch are some of the anonymous illegals storming into our country. This particular group was caught.

Border Patrol is routinely assaulted. Check out this video of one massive assault.

If you want more evidence of how absurd this all is, go to TellMeNow and watch the video of four women being beheaded by a Mexican terrorist cartel – Los Zetas. If Americans can’t get the message from that, I don’t know what to say.

We must want these people here. Why else would we have open borders? It’s not rocket science. Do people honestly believe we are only getting innocent landscapists and cleaning ladies? I like hard-working foreigners too, but come on, come here the right way!