Obama Will Nationalize the Energy Sector, Bankrupt US Coal Plants


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Branco cartoon: Obama blowing up domestic oil production, Conservative Daily News.

Mr. Obama has begun the imminent destruction of coal production and the slow erosion of the fossil fuel industry  in America. He is doing it by violating a principle so necessary to a Republic – the principle of the balance of powers.

He will ignore Congress and begin to implement Cap & Trade with an eye towards shuttering existing coal plants.

He made that clear in a June speech and it became clearer after EPA boss, Gina McCarthy spoke to Harvard the end of July.

Obama warned us in his speech at Georgetown University that his sweeping climate change agenda was coming because Congress didn’t pass his Cap & Trade bill. Like a dictator in a banana republic, he ignores Congress when they don’t do what he wants, using the excuse that he is acting because Congress has failed to do their job or he’s acting because of their inaction.

His new EPA chief, Gina McCarthy, said in a recent address at Harvard, that she is prepared to move Obama’s agenda forward in the face of the Congress’ inaction to save us from the effects of global warming. The administration will ignore Congress.

Congress is the voice of the people. They are our representatives. Without them, we have no voice.

The president will launch first-time ever federal regulations of CO2 gases emitted by both new and existing power plants in another massive growth of government. Obama is nationalizing the energy sector.

He will boost his favored renewable energy projects on federal land, many of which will likely be run by his crony friends. He has $8 billion he plans to spread around to renewable energy CEO’s.

McCarthy said they are going to prepare communities to deal with higher temperatures. That can mean a lot of things that could be hair-raising. One thing it does mean is he is going to push solar and wind unreasonably.

During Gina McCarthy’s nomination hearing, she assured the Senators that there were no upcoming federal regulations on existing sources of greenhouse gases and if they were to come about, the states and the public would have an opportunity to weigh in. Obviously, that was NOT TRUE.

Opponents say Obama’s plan to shutter existing coal plants and other fossil fuel facilities will cost hundreds of thousands of jobs and raise our energy prices by about 20%. Mr. Obama’s response was to say that doesn’t happen and it will NOT cost jobs and raise prices.

In this video, he admits the prices will necessarily SKYROCKETt:

“We don’t have time for a meeting of the flat-earth society,” Obama sniped to his opponents in his speech.

“It’s tantamount to kicking the ladder out from beneath the feet of many Americans struggling in today’s economy,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said on the floor of the Senate.

The extremists at the Biodiversity Center, who want more than half the planet preserved for animals, say it’s too little too late as they push for more from Obama.

Obama took back his commitment to letting the State Department make the decision on Keystone XL. Their report indicated that they would approve it. Mr. Obama now says that the State Department can only approve Keystone if there are no net overall increases to emissions of greenhouse gases. He is making it impossible to approve it.

Obama believes that his role modeling on this issue will encourage developing countries and Communist countries to follow his example. I’m sure Putin will be right on that, India and China will be right behind.

Hopefully Congress will overcome their reticence and put up a fight. Undoubtedly there will be court cases, but not until some plants are destroyed and jobs are lost.

The following clips are from Gina McCarthy’s address to the Harvard environmental law school. Her creative accounting begins at about 30 seconds. Towards the end, she makes it clear that the president will ignore Congress.

More information at the NY Post


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